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Precautions for using corn thresher

The corn thresher is agricultural special equipment that can separate corn kernels and corn stalks. The degree of threshing can be adjusted freely. The following is a note on the use of corn thresher by the large corn thresher manufacturer Hexie Machinery.
1. When the threshing machine is no longer used after the harvest of summer and autumn grain, the threshing machine should be thoroughly scrubbed and placed indoors for storage. It should not be thrown at the ground or the side of the field, let the wind and rain so that the parts are rusted and damaged. Under security risks.

2. In summer and autumn, it is necessary to carefully check and repair the thresher to see if the bolts are loose, the rods are intact, and the transmission parts are in trouble. Find out the unsafe factors and eliminate them. Don’t take the disease.

3. Whether it is powered by an electric motor or diesel engine, it can not be overloaded during work, otherwise, it is very unsafe.

4. The movement and installation of the thresher and its power must be operated by skilled professional technicians. When moving the electric thresher, the power must be turned off first, and the insulated wires should not be dragged on the ground to prevent the insulation layer from being worn, causing electric leakage and injury. The stop and start of the diesel engine should be checked by the professional after checking the safety situation.

5. The safety device on the thresher and its power must be complete. For example, on the transmission belt, there must a safety shield to prevent people’s hands and feet from being accidentally injured. The motor must be grounded, in case of leakage, it can attract people to protect people’s safety. Diesel engine exhaust a fire extinguisher should be installed on the pipe to prevent the fire from spraying on the straw.

6. The task of the harvest season is heavy, the time of continuous operation should not be too long. After 5-6 hours of general work, stop the rest, and carry out a safety inspection of the thresher and power. For those who have long working hours, excessive physical fatigue or excessive mental stress, they should be replaced in time because it is the most likely accident.

Things to be aware of when installing corn thresher

For many users to purchase large corn threshers after the installation process, corn processing machinery technicians here to remind users to install the large corn thresher should pay attention to the following:
1. When using the motor as the power, first make sure that the power cord is firmly connected, and also tightly wrapped and pay attention to the installation of the ground wire.

2. Must pay attention to continuous and even into the corn cob, and the amount of input should be appropriate. If the corn is intermittently put into operation, it will inevitably affect the production efficiency of the corn thresher. If the amount of corn is too large and the machine is overloaded, the machine will be stuck, which will cause the motor to burn and damage the equipment.

3. The user should pay attention to the water content of the threshed corn cob that can not exceed 20%. If the water content is too high, the normal threshing effect will not be achieved, and even the phenomenon of threshing will not occur.

4. Make sure that the machine is placed on a flat surface before starting the machine to ensure that the machine can operate smoothly and firmly, so as to avoid the machine vibrating during operation.

5. Before the end of the work, the corn cobs to be put into the net should be completely removed and discharged, so that the machine is stopped at an empty load, and the machine is prohibited from being stopped during threshing.

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