Emergency solutions of Crop Harvester Reaper Binder


In harvesting companies such as crop harvester reaper binder. It is also important to pay attention to the needs of customers to ensure the completion of customer benefits. In the early stage of equipment development, we must pay attention to collecting market information. And we must focus on tracking potential customers. And we must strive to it is necessary to put it in the primary direction of development. And constantly listen to the needs of customers, so that the equipment can truly meet the needs of the market. During the time when the equipment is put on the market. It is necessary to pay attention to the work of the equipment and respond to the satisfaction of the equipment. Strive to make the equipment truly satisfied with the needs of customers.

Features of Crop Harvester Reaper Binder

First of all, the market trend is linked to market demand, and demand dominates the development of the industry. Enterprise technology needs innovation, what is needed is the birth of new products. Only by constantly digging into its own technology, researching and developing new products. Developing high-efficiency products, and making innovations can it unique in the development of the industry. Can not only take the low-end route but also to seek a high-end market. To compete in the fierce competition for the core enterprises of the industry.
Secondly, the future fully automated rice-wheat crop grain reaper binder will dominate the entire harvester industry. In this information age, full automation not only improves quality. But also reduces manpower, saves time and effort, and operates efficiently.

Hexie Machinery develops and produces self-propelled factory wholesale multi-function crop harvester reaper binder according to market and user needs. The structure of the device is very simple. Compared with other corn harvesters, its characteristics are very prominent, in which the failure rate is very low. The stability is very strong and is widely recognized by the majority of users. Hexie Machinery reaper binder can directly installed on a single-cylinder small four-wheel tractor with 18-30 horsepower. It is easy to operate and flexible. It can use on tractors to harvest corn when it is busy, and it can remove when it is idle. The China walking tractor-mounted multi-function reaper can complete harvesting, picking, suede, straw crushing and returning to the field at one time. And can also add straw baling as needed, which is a piece of ideal equipment for corn harvesting.

Emergency Solutions of Reaper Binder

No matter how good the mechanical equipment is, due to the quality of the machine or the man-made operational factors, some abnormal conditions will occur. And the corn harvester is no exception. However, when you encounter an abnormal situation in the operation of the corn harvester, don’t worry, don’t panic. As long as you master the emergency treatment of the following abnormal conditions of the corn harvester, can solve all problems.

1. If the normal operation encounters severe engine vibration. The driver should immediately stop the operation and drive the corn harvester to the open area. After getting off the vehicle, first, check the loose bearing or fastening bolt of the equipment drive shaft. To confirm that it is when the cross-bearing is damaged. Replace it with a new one. If the fastening bolt is loose, apply the torque wrench to tighten the bolt.

2. The spindle of the corn harvester encounters high temperature when working. The driver should stop the operation and check whether the oil is lacking or the V-belt is too tight. If the oil is inspected, should inject the oil. If it is a V-belt When it is too tight, adjust the tightness of the chain immediately.

3. When you hear the noise of the gearbox of the corn combine harvester during normal operation. Stop the operation and check if the gear side clearance is not suitable. When the gear or bearing is damaged, adjust the side clearance to 0.15~0.35 mm or replace it. Can operate the bearing.

Overhaul of corn harvester cutter

1. Check if the shank is bent and broken. For the curved arbor, the hammer can hit with a hammer until the arbor is straight. The broken arbor can weld and repair, and the welded joint after welding the shank should be flat.

2. Look at the blade. The blade can not press too much, there should a gap of 0.1~0.5 mm, and the handle can push freely by hand. The gap adjustment can realize by the hammer hitting the blade.

3. When the movable knife is in the left and right limit positions, the center of the movable blade and the fixed blade should coincide. And the deviation should not greater than 5 mm. When adjusting, the hollow crowbar can use to laterally move the blade or adjust the length of the connecting rod to solve.

Since our factory was founded, we have continuously made new innovations and breakthroughs in technology and application. The company has established a good reputation among many partners with efficient management and proactive attitude. It is inclusive and continuously develops into the pipeline application industry. Our company’s professional design capabilities and production technology are integrated. With new operating modes and technical means.

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