Electric Motor mounted Rice milling equipment feeding process


A complete set of an electric motor mounted rice milling equipment set by Aike Machinery is an upgraded product of rice milling machine. It is simpler and more trouble-free to operate, and the rice quality and rice yield are increased, which increases the value of the goods. Screening, glutinous rice, grading, polishing, and screening are the preferred equipment for small and medium-sized investors in grain processing households.

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Electric Motor mounted Rice milling equipment feeding process

Electric motor mounted Rice milling equipment unit feeding can use the bucket elevator, screw conveyor or wind conveyor produced by our factory to directly transport to the grain screening machine to clean up impurities, sand, dust, etc. in the rice, and clean the rice into the grain machine is shelled, and then enters the gravity screening machine for screening. The rice grains from the outer shell are removed and polished into a rice milling machine. The rice without the outer shell is automatically returned to the grains-removing machine to be shelled again, and the removed shell directly enters the rice milling machine. After pulverization, it can be discharged directly, and the polishing treatment can produce brown rice and polished rice according to the needs of users. The polished rice can be added with a broken rice sieve to screen out the broken rice appearing in the production process to increase the commercial value of the rice.

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