Main functions of High-quality Diesel Engine Mounted Peanut Picker


With the increasing demand for agricultural production, there are more and more agricultural equipment on the market. Among them, the High-quality Diesel Engine Mounted Peanut Picker is the peanut picking equipment commonly used in agriculture. Then the main picking equipment for agricultural equipment. What are the functions of the Peanut Picker for diesel engines?

Just listen to the name of the peanut picker to know what its main function is, and a peanut picker is a farm machine, mainly used for peanut pickers, to improve work efficiency, is a good helper for farmers. The peanut picker can effectively solve the problem of peanut picking.

The peanut picker is loaded into the upper part of the rack, the driving shaft of the feeding cylinder is equipped with a driving wheel, the lower part of the feeding cylinder has a sieve, the lower part of the sieve is equipped with a fan on the frame, and the lower part of the discharging mouth is blanked. The adjusting separator has a vibrating screen below, and a vibrating screen has a conveying frame at the lower part of the rack at the outlet of the peanut fruit, and the conveying belt on the conveying frame is driven by the roller on the gear shaft.

Generally speaking, the level of mechanization of peanut production in China is at a relatively low level compared with the main food crops and the developed countries. In particular, the mechanized harvesting of peanuts is still in the early stage of development, and the level is very low. Many production areas are still mainly based on artificial harvesting. The segmental harvest has a certain application in the main producing areas, and the total harvest level is about 25%.

Be sure to commission and inspect the peanut picker before use. Check that the various protective measures are perfect and that the link parts of each part are tight. Turn the pulley by hand to observe the collision friction phenomenon; check the solid condition of the hobbing, whether there are open welding and missing teeth; turn the roller by hand to observe whether the rotation is stable; check whether the tension of the triangle of each rotating part is reasonable; Is the diesel engine operating well.

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