Electric Motor mounted Rice milling equipment installation proces

The Electric motor mounted rice milling equipment are automatically and continuously processed from rice cleaning, stone removal, shelling, grain separation, whitening, and white rice classification. The whole machine has beautiful appearance, compact structure, small floor space, no hidden rice, high rice yield, less broken rice, and low power consumption. When the grain enters the machine, the standard finished rice can be obtained in one process. Main features: Every single unit is connected to the transmission, using less lifting equipment, low power, less broken rice, small floor space, and the price is cheaper than similar models.

the motor drives rice and wheat rice milling machine wholesale

Electric Motor mounted Rice milling equipment installation process

Sometimes users waste a lot of time on the installation of the equipment, but they can’t be installed. The main reason is that the order of installing the rice milling equipment is not clear. Many people install the rice mill, it is the first to install the above host, this is not correct, we take it out of the box, you should first install the motor frame, you have the host installed, it is much more troublesome to install the motor. When the motor is put on, the pulley and the wire should be connected first, and it is very time-consuming to get these.
In addition to these, the electric motor mounted rice milling equipment host is installed later. When installing the host, pay attention to it: first, install the rice fan, and have a hose on the fan of the rice machine. You must first fix the end of the hose fan. One of the rice machines must not be fixed. Install, stay until the end. While loading the rice machine, it is necessary to observe the rice machine pulley and whether it is aligned with the motor pulley. This time can be effectively corrected.


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