Electric Grain Suction Machine Loading Machine


Characteristics of the electric grain suction machine

Grain suction machine pipe diameter is model 130. It is equipped with a 220v2.2kw motor to drive the machine. It can also use as a power operation for gasoline engines. It is suitable for use in places with inconvenient power and in the wild. It has the characteristics of good dustproof effect and convenient transportation. The standard length of the machine is 3 meters in length, and can also customize according to customer requirements.
The characteristics of the electric grain suction machine loading machine: small size, lightweight, easy to move, high efficiency of grain absorption, low damage rate, wide use, safe and reliable, etc., very suitable for individual farmers, food professional households and agricultural cooperatives.

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Working Principle of Electric Grain Suction Machine

The motor shaft and the coil spring are linked by a screw. When the motor start, the motor drives the coil spring to rotate, and the grain at the collecting port will rise along the spiral rising angle of the spring under the action of the rotating spring. When the discharge port is opened, the grain is automatically unloaded due to gravity.

Electric grain suction machine loading machine can transport materials: it can transport wheat, soybean, corn, rice, sorghum, plastic, resin, rice, and other particles. It can transport horizontally and obliquely. It is lower than any shipping method and shipping cost.

Electric Grain Suction Machine

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