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Automatic peanut peeling introduction

No noise, no dust (no need to wear masks and hats), shelling rate is 99%, and very clean, this machine is durable, long service life, choose the right machine, not only easy, not much tired, but also benefit production How many times better! One machine can be used for multiple units! Welcome to the field!

Shelling machine parameters

Power 3 (kw)
Product use shelling peeling peeling peeling
Voltage 220/380(V) Type Peeling machine
Processing customization Yes Model 400 Net weight 180 (kg)
Dimensions 1100X800X1470 (mm)
Productivity (fruit) kg/h 600-800 600-800
Breakage rate %≤5.0 ≤4.0
Damage rate %≤4.0 ≤3.5
Degreasing rate %≥95 ≥98
Hazard ratio %≤4.5 ≤3.0
Loss rate %≤0.5 ≤0.5
Load noise dB(A) ≤83 ≤86

Peanut thresher

Advantages of peanut thresher

Peanut thresher, including rack, threshing drum, power unit, screen, and hood.
The threshing drum is provided with 4-6 threshing bars, the threshing bar is preferably a steel piece. And the frame is a box type frame, which can play the effect of the hopper together. And the screen is once high and then low, and the method is set in the box. In the body frame, the front of the screen mesh is fine and the rear part is rare.

When using the power device, the threshing drum is changed, and one end of the peanut granules are placed on the threshing drum. And the threshing rod on the threshing drum scrapes the peanut granules to separate them from the rhizome and reach the intention of threshing.
Peanut thresher, the threshing barn on the threshing drum is generally steel plate, so it will not hang the peanut bag. The uses are also very safe, and the threshing is very clean, its efficiency is more than 20 times that of manual threshing.
Dust removing Peanut thresher

Correctly use of Peanut Thresher

It must firmly connect to the tractor. Before using the small peanut harvester, it must first attach to the tractor. Behind the tractor gearbox, there is a universal joint with a square shaft. Move the tractor or harvester and insert the square shaft into the square tube. The square shaft can slide freely in the square tube.

Before picking the fruit, all the preparation work needs to be done. First, check if there is enough lubricating oil in the tractor gearbox. If the lubricating oil is insufficient, add the lubricating oil to the gearbox in time. The operator should carefully check that the components are installed in the correct position and carefully check that the transmission components and fasteners are secure. Before the machine is started, carefully observe the plot of the work to ensure that there are no dangerous factors around it before starting the operation.



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