Dust Removal Peanut Peeling and Threshing Machine


Dust removal peanut peeling and threshing machine is a relatively common type of machine. It can help migrant workers to thresh peanuts, reduce the labor load and greatly improve the efficiency of peanut picking.
We need to make an appropriate adjustment and overhaul of the peanut thresher before use to prevent it from happening at work. Before the work, the operator checks the thresher, checks whether the machine is in good condition, whether the parts are stable, and checks whether the belt has collision and friction. These tasks are strictly checked. At the beginning of the work, the operator should leave the peanut picker first to prevent danger. In the operation, it is necessary to follow the correct process. When the peanuts are fed into the machine, the peanuts must be filled into the feeding port first, and the feeding speed should be uniform. In the process of feeding, it is necessary to prohibit the putting of some hard objects such as stones and wooden blocks into the machine, which has a great influence on the work of the machine, thereby reducing its service life.

The installation of Peanut peeling and threshing machine

1. Peanut peeling and threshing machine Need to choose a spacious work site.
2. Select the supporting power according to the requirements, and equip the pulley with the appropriate diameter according to the instruction manual to ensure the working speed meets the requirements.
3. The machine is firmly installed on solid ground so that the air outlet is the same as the wind direction, so as not to affect the cleaning effect.
4. Check that all fastening screws are tight. If it is loose or falling off, it should be tightened or replaced in time.
5. The power control switch should be installed near the machine, not too far, such as the occurrence of blockages and other special circumstances during work, easy to power off in time.

The commissioning of the Peanut peeling and threshing machine

1. Check the inside of the machine and the feeding table for tools, etc., whether the direction of power rotation is consistent with the requirements, and lubricate the lubrication points.
2. First, gently turn the pulley by hand to observe whether the machine has collision or jamming.
3. No-load test runs for 10 to 15 minutes and observe its operation.
4. Peanut peeling and threshing machine are evenly fed into the vine to carry out load test operation, observe the operation of various parts of the machine, whether there is abnormal phenomenon such as strong vibration, and check whether the quality of the picked fruit meets the requirements. After running for 20 minutes, check the parking once and make the necessary adjustments. Only after everything is normal can you officially work.

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