Dry And Wet Straw Special mower


Product Installation Of Dry And Wet Straw Special Mower

1. Fix the machine and the motor or diesel engine to the frame with bolts. Adjust the position of the motor to ensure that the motor pulley groove and the main pulley groove are aligned, and moderate belt tightness is obtained.
2. Place the installed machine on a flat concrete floor.
3. Check that all electrical appliances and wiring are safe and reliable.
4. After the installation, the running parts of the machine should be flexible. And there is no card collision phenomenon and abnormal sounds before the air can put into use.
The machine can used for corn stalk, sorghum straw, wheat straw, beans alk, corn stalk, peanut stalk, dry weed. And other miscellaneous grains and dry materials!

Straw Mower

Use Range of Feed Dryer

The feed mill is used for the processing of silage and some hard straws. Including corn stalk, bean straw, peanut straw, and other crop straw performance characteristics.
The processed feed can turn into soft silk grass, which improves the utilization and palatability of the feed. Compared with other pulverized feeds, the processed feed has the advantage that the fiber structure of the feed is not damaged and the nutrients are not lost.

The machine is compact and easy to operate, safe and reliable. The product conveys the material to process to the washing chamber through the conveyor. And the material is mashed by the interaction between the high turret and the stencil. And the smashed material is thrown to the outside by the throwing blade. The feeding hopper is provided with a porous spraying device, which can adjust the moisture content and the degree of the mashing of the material. This series of products are mainly composed of a feeding bucket, frame, casing, rotor, and other components. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient operation, safety, and reliability. And high production efficiency.

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