Seed drill vegetable Grain planter

Seed drill vegetable Grain planter, Vegetable seed planter for Tractor, China Vegetable Seed Grain Planting Machine for Sale. This product has a high-precision seed metering device, the precision can be one hole, one grain and multiple grains (according to different needs), the plant spacing/depth can be adjusted as needed. Features; simple. Ditching, sowing, covering soil, once completed, can be planted: carrots, turnips, beets, onions, taro, spinach, green bamboo shoots, cabbage, asparagus, sunflower, lettuce, celery, cabbage, cabbage , onions, snow red, rape, pepper, broccoli, rape and other small particles of vegetables and seeds.

vegetable seed grain planting machine

The machine is sown when it is moving forward, and it is not sown when it is retracted, reducing the waste of seeds.

The seeding wheel has a round hole type seeding wheel, across flower type seeding wheel, a semicircular hole type seeding wheel, and a long hole seeding wheel. The appropriate seeding wheel can be selected according to the required seed size and plant spacing. According to customer requirements, you can do 1 to 6 lines.

Aike Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of design agricultural machinery. It has recently introduced a special planter for Seed drill vegetable Grain sowing: it has the advantages of high seeding precision and low seed breakage rate, mainly for rapeseed, sesame, alfalfa, onion, tomato, and pepper. Small seed crops such as cabbage, millet, lettuce, and carrot.

The precision seeding Vegetable seed planter for Tractor machine is a precision planter designed for spring sowing area, such as vegetable seed Grain. The seed metering device is a precision seed metering device. It has high precision for seeding small seeds and extremely low seed breakage rate; each seed box has a volume of 2kg. The production efficiency is 6-8 mu/hour.

6-18 rows wheat rice grass seed sowing equipment

The precision seed meters equipped with this machine has 12 adjustment stalls for sowing and sowing of rapeseed and sesame seeds. Adjust the seed metering device before adding seeds, observe in the seed meter box, pay attention to when adjusting the sowing amount, each The number of rows of holes reserved for the seed meter should be the same. In addition to sowing rapeseed, cabbage, millet, sesame, alfalfa, onion, tomato, and pepper, which are the same size as rapeseed, can also be sown by this machine.

Before the sowing, adjust the pressure spring of the opener of the planter so that the seeding depth of each row is consistent, and the rapeseed should be controlled to cover about 10mm. Before the sowing, check whether the screws in each part are loose to prevent falling off, and the rows are evenly distributed. Whether the degree and the amount of broadcast meet the requirements, the seed box should be cleaned, no mud, tools or other items, and the seed tube or the opener should be stuck. The seeds added at the time of sowing are pure seeds. They should not be mixed with urea or other particulate matter. They must not be reversed during the sowing operation. When the product must be retracted, the planter should be suspended. Pay attention to whether the seeding depth and the amount of the seed are changed. Add seeds in time to ensure the seeds. Full of seed boxes. Pay attention to the maintenance of the planter, and clean the mud and grass on the opener and the seed tube every day to reduce the resistance and ensure the quality of the seeding.

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