Double-Layer Grain Screening Machine


Multi-Functional Suction Type Double-Layer Grain Screening Machine

Multi-functional suction type double-layer grain screening machine is a two-layer screen. First, through the fan inlet of the feed port, direct pumping away lightweight Miscellaneous leaves or wheat straw. The first screening of the upper sieve is then cleaned up. The good grain (seed) falls directly onto the lower sieve. And the lower sieve will put the small (small) in the grain (seed). The defective grain (seed) is directly missed, and the intact grain (seed) is screened out from the discharge port.

The small clearing machine solves the single function of the lifting machine. And cannot effectively remove the defects of the stone and the clod. And can bring satisfactory results for cleaning and cleaning the grain (seed). The machine has a small footprint and is easy to move. It has the advantages of maintenance, dust removal, and impurity removal efficiency. Low energy consumption and easy use. It can say that it is a fighter in the net selection of small and medium-sized food cleaning!

Grain Screening Machine

Cleaning and installation of the Screening Machine

After commissioning the operation direction of the grain cleaning machine. (1 motor switch) Tap the motor switch one by one to confirm the motor running direction of the grain machine (please press the running direction arrow on the device). And the tapping time must not exceed 3 seconds when the direction is confirmed to correct. The equipment can operate normally!
Adjustment of the horizontal plane the grain cleaning machine should place on relatively flat ground. It is better to have all four wheels of the grain cleaning machine in contact with the ground.

Double Layer Grain Screening Machine

This machine is a small and medium-sized clear grain screening machine used to remove leaves. Clams, dust, and grain from food. The utility model has the advantages of 90% impurity removal rate and 92% inorganic impurity removal rate. And has the advantages of a beautiful appearance. Compact structure, convenient movement, obvious dust removal, and impurity removal efficiency. Low energy consumption, simple and reliable use and the screen can base on users. Requires any exchange, suitable for different material types.

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