Domestic Small Portable Concrete / Cement Mixing Machine Operating Orocedure


Cement Mixing Machine Overview introduction

Cement mixer, also known as concrete mixer, is a machine used to mix cement, sand aggregate and water into the concrete mix, mainly by mixing drum, feeding and unloading mechanism, water supply system, prime mover, transmission mechanism, It consists of a frame and a support device.

The utility model comprises a power mechanism connected by a shaft and a transmission mechanism and a roller driven by the transmission mechanism, wherein a ring gear arranged around the drum cylinder is mounted on the drum cylinder, and a gear meshing with the ring gear is arranged on the transmission shaft. The utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, and the gear and the ring gear mesh, which can effectively overcome the slip phenomenon between the roller and the mixer drum in the rain and fog weather; the adopted transmission mechanism can further ensure the elimination between the roller and the mixer roller The phenomenon of slipping.cement mixing machine 2

Portable Concrete / Cement Mixing Machine Machine parameters

Model  Drum Capacity Drum Material Motor Power Drum Size Weight
AKJBJ-230 230L Steel 2500W 650(dia)*680mm(length) 78kg
AKJBJ-280 280L  


2500W 650(dia)*800mm(length) 85kg
AKJBJ-350 350L Steel 2800W 750(dia)*800mm(length) 96kg
AKJBJ-400 400L Steel 2800W 750(dia)*950mm(length) 122kg

Domestic Small Portable Concrete Machine Operating procedure

1. Test the empty car before mixing.

2. Adjust the timing of the relay according to the stirring time, and pay attention to the adjustment under the condition of power failure.

3. Water humidification mixing drum and blades and site.

4. If there is an electrical or mechanical failure in the process, some of the mixing materials should be discharged to reduce the load and then drive after the fault is removed.

5. When using Portable Concrete Machine, it should be checked frequently to prevent accidents such as electric shock and mechanical injury.

6. After the test is completed, turn off the power, clean the mixing drum and the site, and clean it.

Cement Mixing Machine More details image

cement mixing machine 3

Precautions for use

The manufacturer of the small mixer advises: It is strictly forbidden to stop in the middle of the process! The price of the 220v building mixer, the small mixer before leaving the factory, the label is clearly attached to the obvious part of the small mixer drum, and it is strictly forbidden to touch the small mixer body during the rotation of the drum; The operation of the mixer is interrupted during the operation of the mixer.

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