Mini diesel powered integrated corn harvester


Introduction for Mini diesel powered integrated corn harvester

Mini diesel powered integrated corn harvester completes a row of corn picking and straw smashing functions. Supporting the collection of the bucket is full, the can remove the bag, can adjust the height of the bag. The tension clutch is safe, and the turning radius is small. The machine receives the corn per acre of straw and crushes it directly. The molting is not clean. The height of the ear is more than 50 cm. The higher the straw, the higher the light bar rate.

Mini diesel powered integrated corn harvester

Firstly, when the corn harvester is stopped, the soil, debris, grain and other debris inside and outside the machine should thoroughly clean earlier.

Secondly, it is necessary to remove all the belts for scrubbing work. Apply talcum powder and hang it on the inner wall of the hangar. After the chain is removed, put it into diesel oil and clean it. After drying, apply butter to save.

Thirdly, it is necessary to carefully inspect the various parts of the corn harvester. If find that the damage is too much, the deformation and other parts need to replace immediately. And the relevant parts are lubricated and the paintwork light is replenished.

Fourthly, the mini diesel powered integrated corn harvester is a machine tool for the production of corn stalk cutting, picking, peeling, threshing, straw treatment. And rotary tillage after harvesting according to its planting method and agronomic requirements.

In most parts of China, the grain moisture content of corn during harvest is generally 25% to 35%, or even higher. It cannot directly thresh during harvesting. So the method of segmentation is generally adopted. The first stage of harvest refers to the direct collection of mink or peeled corn ears and straw after picking. The second paragraph refers to the threshing of corn ears in the ground or on the field after drying in the air.

Mini diesel powered integrated corn harvester

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