Diesel Engine Corn Sheller VS Motor Driven Corn Sheller


The demand for corn sheller market is increasing, which makes there are many manufacturers of corn sheller on the market. Different manufacturers produce the models of corn sheller are also different. There is diesel engine corn sheller and motor driven corn sheller can choice. So what is the difference between these two different types? How should users choose? Below is a diesel engine/motor driven mini corn sheller manufacturers & suppliers to give you a brief introduction.

Diesel Engine Corn Sheller VS Motor Driven Corn Sheller

1. The power supply is different, the production power is also different
Diesel engine corn sheller: 18 hp
Motor-driven corn sheller: 12 hp
2. The production capacity of the equipment is also different.
Diesel engine corn sheller: 1500-2000kg / h
Motor-driven corn sheller: 300-400kg / h
3. Different production power, the price of corn sheller equipment is also different.
4. Both types of equipment can use for corn shelling and threshing.

When the user selecting corn sheller, the user should select the appropriate device according to his actual needs. Hexie is a mini corn threshing/maize sheller machine for sale manufacturer. Welcome to consult.

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