Development trend of Rice and Wheat Corn Thresher


According to the survey, thresher is still widely used in the threshing of rice, wheat, and corn in China. About 60% of the rice in the country is threshed by power or human thresher. In addition, due to the vast territory of China, the geographical climate, agronomic requirements and economic conditions of the various regions are quite different. Rice and wheat corn thresher are used in intercropping areas and rice growing areas in hilly and semi-mountainous areas. The use of threshers is still extensive. Therefore, with the development of agriculture, rice and wheat corn thresher still have broad market prospects.
There are many rice and wheat corn thresher supplier in the Chinese market, different manufacturers produce different types of equipment and their functions are different. The hot-selling wheat thresher rice thresher produced by Hexie Machinery is a threshing machine for threshing wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, soybeans, and another cereals threshing. It is widely used in rural areas of China, its product structure, The technical level has made a big breakthrough.
The rice and wheat corn thresher have the advantages of a lightweight, small volume, simple operation, and high production power is a good helper for farmers to thresh. With the development of technology, we believe that in the future we will develop and produce thresher equipment that meets the needs of users.



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