Design of the Tractor Front Mounted Garlic Harvest Machine


For a long time, because garlic and other crops planting, harvesting and processing are mostly completed by artificial, labor intensity, low efficiency. In the whole garlic production process, the labor in the harvesting process accounts for more than one-third of the whole process, wastes a lot of labor costs. In order to save labor costs and help farmers to quickly complete harvesting operations, tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine supplier Hexie produces new harvester equipment, Tractor Front Mounted Garlic Harvest Machine.
The garlic harvesting machine has a scientific and reasonable transmission mode, high work efficiency, easy operation, low cost, and convenient production and promotion. The harvester makes the garlic removal rate more than 99%, the garlic fruit breakage rate is less than 2%, 1 hour to harvest more than 3 acres of garlic.
It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low manufacturing, and maintenance costs and wide applicability, which has great significance for garlic harvesting.

Design of the Garlic Harvest Machine

1. Determination of the digging type
In order to reduce the working resistance, the machine uses a vibrating digging shovel.
2. Force selection and overall layout
It is suitable for single-cylinder 170-404 type tractor with a wheelbase of no more than 130 cm. In order to prevent the problem of garlic damage during the planting, the device adopts a front-mounted overall structure.
3. The limited deep wheel steering design
In order to control the handling of the implement, the tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine is designed with a deep-wheel steering mechanism. The depth-limiting wheel of the machine is connected with the steering arm of the tractor through the wire-drawing arm, which realizes the synchronous steering of the tractor front wheel and the limited-depth wheel when harvesting garlic, effectively solving the problem that the front-end harvester is difficult to operate during operation.

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