Daily maintenance work of corn stalks cutter


Correct use of the blades of the straw chopper

The blade is the main crushing tool of China corn stalks cutter silage grass chopper machine. After the long-term operation of the straw chopper, the blade will wear to varying degrees. At this time, the user will need to replace the new blade. The importance of the blade for production is visible. Many users have said that your blade is of poor quality and can’t be used for a long time. In fact, this is not the case. The degree of wear of the blade and the hardness of the material you are processing, the length of production time, and the proper operation are all close. The relationship, then, how can the blade be used longer?

1. When using the straw chopper, the feeding personnel should careful. Such as nails, metal blocks and other materials that can not enter the machine. Otherwise, it will cause serious damage to the blade, and even cause card machine and other phenomena.

2. When adjusting the blade, one must careful to avoid the blade hitting a certain part inside the machine and damage the sharpness of the blade.

3. When replacing a new blade, make sure that the length of the blade is the same and the quality is the same. Avoid the blade being too long or heavy and light, which will cause the rotor in the machine to be unbalanced. This will cause noise and vibration during production. After the blade is replaced, check the screws of the upper blade to ensure that the screws are tightened to avoid loosening of the screws in the future production.

4. When buying a blade, it is very important to buy a high-quality wear-resistant blade. Only the quality of the blade can be used for a long time. If you do the above, make sure your tree shredder does not need to change the blade frequently to achieve longer-term use.

Composition of corn straw smasher device

China animal silage fodder cutter crop straw crusher equipment mainly consists of a feeding device, transmission devices, feeding devices. And the cutting device, crushing device, filtering device, throwing device, walking device, protective device, traction device, etc.. Aike Machinery straw pulverizer produced has the advantages of advanced design, novel structure, stable operation. And energy-saving, convenient operation, safety, and reliability, etc. It is suitable for the straw of corn straw, bean straw, peanut meal, and other crops, and makes the straw become soft. The feed is convenient for the digestion and absorption of livestock and is conducive to the drying, baling, transportation and storage of materials. It is an essential straw smashing machinery and equipment for rural farmers, farmers, and small and medium-sized feed processing plants.

Do the routine maintenance work of straw chopper equipment

After purchasing the machine, the user must do the daily maintenance work of the straw chopper. Which can effectively reduce the malfunction and improve our production efficiency. It is necessary to do regular inspections of the crusher, and it is necessary to develop daily maintenance and a week. The habit of maintenance is well documented and faults are discovered in time. Careful maintenance can make the equipment create greater profits.

Corn stalk silage cutting machine structure description: The machine can divide into three parts: Corn stalk silage cutting machine rack part: all the machines are inseparable from the solid frame. The machine frame is made of high-quality carbon steel. The channel steel is welded and passed the strict process verification and product process quality inspection to meet the design and use requirements of the machine.

Corn stalk silage cutting machine rotor part: The pulverizer has a novel rotor structure and reasonable design. It adopts double-layer blade pulverization, and the pulverization effect is twice that of other products. The material enters the crushing chamber from the feeding port and is continuously ground by the double-layer blade. To make the material meet the granulation requirements. Corn stalk silage cutting machine: It adopts a flexible belt drive, which drives the spindle to rotate at high speed through the V-belt drive mechanism to achieve the crushing effect.

Aike Machinery is a professional animal fodder silage cutter crop straw crusher supplier. Our crusher equipment is advanced in technology and has good equipment performance. Users who need it are welcome to visit and visit.

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