Hay Crop Straw Cutter Silage Grass Chopper Machine


Hay Crop Straw Cutter Silage Grass Chopper Machine is used to cut green corn stalks, straw, wheat straw, cotton stalks, and other crop stalks and various pastures. It is widely used on farms or homes.

Main features of Hay Crop Straw Cutter Silage Grass Chopper Machine

1. Steel structure frame, small size, lightweight, easy to move with four wheels.
2. Design safety devices to eliminate sickle accidents and collect safe and reliable.
3. The grass roller drive shaft adopts universal joint coupling, which is compact in structure, flexible in operation and convenient in disassembly and assembly.
4. The uses of advanced grass feeding mechanism, unique grass feeding roller device, automatic feeding, conveyor chain is not entangled, smooth grass feeding, high productivity.
5. Hay crop straw cutter silage grass chopper machine supporting power diverse choices, electric motors, diesel engines, tractors can be matched, especially for power-deficient areas more convenient and practical.
6. Large pieces of high-quality steel, refined by special techniques, super wear-resistant; high-strength bolt connection, safe and reliable use.
7. The casing is made of continuous thick welding of thick steel plates. The whole machine is molded, beautiful and durable.

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