Customers from Latvia consult our peanut harvester equipment


Today, a customer from Latvia came to consult our peanut harvester equipment. And then our customer service staff communicated with the customer in detail. Give users a more detailed understanding of our equipment.

Our manufacturer’s peanut harvester equipment, driven by tractor high-efficiency peanut harvester for farm. Users are not only labor-saving but also extremely productive. And our equipment is all factory direct supply for Peanut groundnut harvester, to ensure the quality of the equipment. Let us introduce the performance characteristics of our peanut harvester.

Performance characteristics of Peanut harvester

1. It adopts stepless speed change, hydraulic steering, crawler type walking device, simple and flexible operation. Even in the sandy soil and field after the rain, the harvesting operation can be carried out smoothly.

2. Using the left front type for harvesting operations, wide field of view. Two harvests at the same time can be applied to the field of cultivation or flat cultivation.

3. At the same time complete the extraction, de-pod, sorting and bagging operations. The entire operation process can only be completed by two people.

4. It has a mandatory vegetable plant, a loose soil treatment system. More than 99% of the plant, and a residual rate of less than 1%.

5. Half-feeding harvesting method, the vine is complete and available.

6. Have a number of independent intellectual property rights.

7. Compared with manual operation, this machine saves more than 94% of working hours and operating costs, and alleviates the shortage of rural labor and reduces production costs.

8. The farm used machinery factory price tractor mounted combine peanut harvester, not only cheap, and the equipment performance is excellent.

Hexie Machinery is a professional peanut harvester manufacturer, factory direct sales, good equipment quality, affordable, welcome to come to consult or come to our factory to visit.

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