Repair and maintenance of Hay crusher corn chopper


Hay crusher corn chopper is used for cutting agricultural corn machinery such as green corn stalks, straw, and other agricultural crops and pastures.

Hay crusher corn chopper working principle

Hay crusher corn chopper motor is used as the supporting power to transmit the power to the main shaft. The gear at the other end of the main shaft transmits the speed-adjusted power to the grass roller through the gearbox and the universal joint. When the material to be processed enters between the upper and lower grass rollers, It is clamped by Cao Yu and sent to the cutting mechanism at a certain speed. After being cut by a high-speed rotating cutter, it is thrown out of the machine through the grass outlet.

Hay crusher corn chopper repair and maintenance

1. Always check the fasteners for looseness and tighten.
2. Strengthen the maintenance of the bearing housing, coupling, and transmission box, and regularly add or replace the lubricating oil and grease.
3. For the mower with an adjustable cutting gap, it is necessary to adjust the cutting gap according to the thickness of the crop stalk to ensure the normal operation of the mower.
4. When the blade edge is found to be blunt, the oiled blade is used to sharpen the moving blade.
5. After each shift is completed, the dust and dirt on the machine should be removed in time; after the end of each season, the debris in the machine should be removed, and the anti-rust oil should be applied to the working parts and placed in a ventilated and dry place.


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