Crawler Onion Ginger Harvester


Introduce For Crawler Onion Ginger Harvester

Henan Hexie Machinery Co., Ltd. Onion Ginger Harvesting Machine is automatic agricultural equipment that harvests green onions and ginger. It is a new generation of onion and ginger harvesting equipment developed by our company. The device is simple and convenient to use, which not only improves the efficiency of the user but also saves a lot of manpower.

Crawler Onion Ginger Harvester

Main specifications and technical parameters of onion ginger poached egg machine

1: Engine 195 12HP
Weight: 1580KG
Length, width, and height: 2100*740*1260MM
2: Engine 295 22HP
Weight: 2630KG
Length, width, and height: 2250*1630*1860MM
Hourly efficiency: 2-3 acres
Applicable soil: suitable for dry land, dry land, sandy land
Fields of use: onion ginger, taro, and other cash crop harvesting operations
This machine features: detachable, multi-purpose, adjustable offset, economical and durable

Onion Ginger Harvester

Performance characteristics of crawler onion Ginger Harvester

1. The excavating shovel adopts an independent spatula, which is good in soil and avoids soil accumulation and weed entanglement, ensuring a large excavation depth and a low leakage rate.
2. The lifting parts are arranged in a curved and straight rod interval, and the lifting chain shaking wheel adopts an elliptical gear structure, which improves the jitter and separation performance, and the brightness rate is further improved.
3. The belt-type elevator chain has a low rate of injury.
4. After using the machine, the soil is finely divided, which can reduce the cost of tillage.

Profile of crawler onion ginger harvester

The crawler onion ginger harvester has the characteristics of wide adaptability, simple operation, high work efficiency (low fuel consumption, zero breakage rate) and low investment. It saves the vast rural labor force and has obvious social benefits. It can save more than 50 US dollars per mu, which greatly reduces the harvesting cost.


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