Crawler combine harvester


Introduce for Crawler combine harvester

The crawler combine harvester produced by our factory combines the advantages of domestic miniature combine harvester. It adopts double-layer cutter and airflow cleaning to complete the operations of harvesting, threshing, cleaning and grain-harvesting at one time. It is suitable for hills and mountainous areas. Combine harvesting of plain intercropped wheat and rice. This model is specially designed and developed to solve the problem that the hilly mountainous area and the intercropped land cannot be combined and harvested. Since the product has been mass-produced, it has been exported to Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, North Korea, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, etc. The national region completely solved the problem that wheat and rice in the hilly mountainous areas could not harvest jointly, and was well received by users.

Crawler combine harvester

Technical Parameters

1 structure: small full feed

2 Dimensions: 2800× 1180× 1300mm

3 supporting power: 15 horsepower

4 working width: 1.1m,

5 operation efficiency: about 1.5 acres / hour

6 total loss rate of wheat 1.5, rice 3.0

7 breaking rate: wheat 1.0, rice 1.5, and impurity content 2

Crawler combine harvester working

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