Cost-effective Corn/Soybean Precision Planter


Corn/soybean precision planter can fertilize and sow at the same time. The amount of seed, the amount of fertilizer, and the depth of sowing can be adjusted. It is 3-5 times of the seeding of artificial planing. No oil, no electricity, pure manpower, easy to operate. You can learn in minutes. The number of seeds and the amount of fertilizer can be adjusted according to the needs. The number of particles can be from 1 to 3, and the maximum amount of fertilizer can reach 50 grams each time. The device is suitable for use in plain areas, is more suitable for use in mountain slopes, and is used in corn seed breeding areas.

Hexie Machinery produces the equipment improved the sowed stainless steel tip to reduce soil resistance and is less prone to mud. The product structure layout has been improved, the use is lighter, and the operation is more labor-saving. This product is mainly used to sow corn, millet, hazelnut, peanut and grain on the membrane. Suitable for use in arid and semi-arid areas. It can complete the processes of pre-scraping, leveling, trenching, deep application of granular fertilizer, filming, laminating, hole sowing and covering the soil in one time. This machine adopts the first membrane seeding process, no need to manually break the membrane, avoiding the heavy physical labor caused by the membrane after the first seeding.

Use of Precision Planter

When the user uses the device, the retaining plate of the device is shallow and the depth of the pad is deep. The experience of many years proves that it is not suitable for planting too deep. The suitable depth is 4–4.5 cm and cannot exceed 5 cm deep. The corn/soybean precision planter is available in 1, 2 or 3 capsules with an adjustable seeding depth to keep the seedlings tidy. The number of seed wheels increased from 3 to 5. This cost-free approach is to increase the sowing accuracy for the needs of various size and size seeds. When the seeds of corn, soybeans and other common crops are sown in uniform seed size, the error is reduced.

Features of Corn/Soybean Precision Planter

1. It can effectively reduce surface evaporation, reduce water and fertilizer loss. And improve land storage and storage capacity.

2. Can increase the surface temperature, speed up the germination speed of the seed. Can also increase the accumulated temperature of the crop growth period, so that the crop grows fast and improve the quality of the crop.

3. It can complete a lot of operations such as scraping flat, sub-film fertilization, film-covering soil, film-seeding, and seed-sealing.

4. The hole distance is even, the seeding is fast, no need for seedlings, neither destroying the film and saving labor.

5. Can work with small tractors.

6. The uniformity of the seed under the machine is high. Saving 40%~60% of seeds compared with other planters.

7. The machine is simple in structure, easy to use, fewer faults, easy to debug.

8. The use of this machine can increase the yield. Because the emergence is uniform, the ventilation is good. The wastes seedlings are small, the nutrient is sufficient, and the high yield can be 10~30%.

9. The replacement of corn and grain seed wheels is simple and convenient.

10. The machine is multi-purpose, you can sow corn and can sow grain. Save costs for the majority of users.

Hexie Machinery a professional corn/soybean precision planter manufacturer. We produce equipment with good performance, simple operation, and high-cost performance. Users who need it are welcome to come and buy.

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