Correct use of High-Efficiency Peanut Picker machine


Features of High-Efficiency Peanut Picker machine

1. Special material stalk adsorption tape realizes the one-time separation of stalk inclusions under the action of wind force.
2. No high-pressure point area use, motorized diesel engine drive dual-use function
3. Eccentric wheel swing screen structure secondary sorting
4. The angler is flexible and convenient, free to adjust the height
5. Advanced design, reasonable structure, reliable performance
6. Lengthen the drum to avoid clogging, crushing, high production efficiency
7. Feeding the entrance is large, high efficiency
8. Wet and dry, can be used under any moderate conditions
9. Easy to move, fast, manual, mechanical operation, easy to transport

Installation and commissioning introduction of Peanut Picker machine

1. Be sure to read the product manual carefully when purchasing the new high-efficiency peanut picker machine 8000/6000. Some users may think that the peanut picking machine is almost the same. You don’t have to look at the instructions of each device. Actually, it is not the case. Because different manufacturers may not design the same for agricultural machinery, users should not save time for the time. Affect the state of the machine.
2. Before installing the tractor-mounted large capacity peanut harvester peanut picker 8000/6000. The winds direction should be clear and the exhaust port should be in the downwind direction.
3. Install each component according to the product manual and fix it. If the user of this job cannot complete it independently, please ask the professional of the manufacturer for help. My company has a perfect after-sales service, if you encounter any problems after purchase, you can contact us.
4. The roller gap just installed may not meet the actual situation, so the user needs to adjust, mainly based on the humidity and weather conditions of the peanut stems. These are explained in detail in the manual.

The correct use of Peanut Harvester Peanut Picker

The moisture of the peanuts picked by the peanut picking machine should not too large. The moisture content of the general wet stems is more than 40%, the ratio of the grape to the fruit is 0.8-2.0, and the moisture content of the dried stems is not more than 15%. Some users It is harvested immediately after the rain, which is not recommended by our manufacturers. After the rain, it not only increases the moisture content of the peanuts but also harvests when the soil is wet. It is easy to make the fruit picker into a large amount of sand. For stone or cement blocks, it is recommended to operate in a flat and open place.

Some users think that they have used peanut picking machines before, so after purchasing peanut harvester peanut picker, they will use them directly without careful manual instructions, which will result in poor fruit picking. In fact, the products used by different manufacturers are definitely different. Even if it is the same manufacturer’s products, different models, there will be different details that need attention, so do not rely on experience, be sure to read the product manual carefully.

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