Corn Wheat Peanut Stalk Crushing Baler


 Instructions of Stalk Crushing Baler

The corn straw crushing and baling machine is a kind of straw crushing and harvesting equipment. Which has been favored by the majority of farmers since it was put on the market. Straw crushing baler is a new type of straw collecting equipment, which can automatically complete the crushing. Bundling and bundling of pasture, rice, wheat, and corn straw, widely used in a dry and green pasture, rice, wheat, and corn stover. The collection of the rods is tied. The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, and high reliability. The formed bales are small and compact, and the bales are loose and tight inside. And the gas permeability is good, which is convenient for transportation and storage. The promotion and use of the machine have greatly promoted the recovery of straw. Improved environmental pollution caused by burning straw in rural areas and improved utilization of straw.

The corn stalk crushing and the baling machine have high efficiency and high density. After bales are baled, the possibility of fire can greatly reduce. Self-ignition is less likely to occur, and external fires are not easily ignited. Easy to store, the same amount of grass can reduce by more than two-thirds after being bundled. Which can greatly reduce the footprint of the pasture. It is convenient to load and unload, and can fully utilize the carrying capacity of transportation vehicles. Generally, it can increase transportation capacity by 2-3 times. Save labor and transportation costs by more than 50%, and solve the unsafe factors caused by ultra-high and ultra-wideband in the transportation process.

Stalk Crushing Baler

Introduction of corn stalk crushing baler

1. The diameter of the crushing chamber diameter is an important factor affecting the production efficiency of the crusher.
2. Material properties The effect of material properties on production efficiency,
3. Daily maintenance of the good operation of the crusher is an important prerequisite for improving its work efficiency.
4. The speed of the spindle is within a certain range. The higher the spindle speed, the higher the production efficiency.
5. Operational Specifications the operators of the crusher and baler must professionally train to have a comprehensive understanding of the performance of the equipment. The equipment should use reasonably according to the correct operating specifications. And the price of the baler can smash to ensure their own personal safety. It can also guarantee the production efficiency of the equipment.

Corn Stalk Crushing Baler

Operation Precautions Cornstalk crushing baler

With the continuous development of the national economy, the production technology of mechanical equipment has also grown considerably. The crushing and baling machine produced by Aike Machinery is professionally built by a professional team. The machine has reasonable structure, simple operation, and strong environmental performance. Crushing baler with long service life. The crops that can crush include straw, bean stick, peanut rod, etc. The crushing length is about 5~8cm. The crusher is equipped with a blade set in the crusher bin, which can quickly cut and crush the material. The blade set is double open and can use repeatedly. Next, I will tell you about the operation of the machine!

When using the pulverizing baler, first check whether the equipment is installed in place before the operation. The small parts should check the screw tightness, and the self-propelled picking and smashing baler. The pulley lubrication degree is good, try not to operate the equipment. Leave, avoid accidents when you can’t find them in time. End the day’s work, clean up the equipment and maintain every part of the equipment.

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