Corn/Soybean Precision Planter Driven by with a 30hp tractor


Introduction to Corn/Soybean Precision Planter

Corn/soybean precision planter can seed granular seeds such as corn, wheat, soybeans, and red beans. It can fertilize and plant at the same time. Can adjust the amount of seed, the amount of fertilizer, and the depth of sowing. Corn/soybean precision planter can be driven by with a 30hp tractor. One person a day, with one machine, can fertilize 6-8 mu, which is 3-5 times of artificial planing. The device can be operated without oil, electricity, and pure manpower.

Aike Machinery’s equipment is guaranteed for one year. This machine gave up the hard mode of traditional artificial bending and plowing, directly injecting fertilizer and seeds into the soil. The seeds and fertilizers are separated by 5 cm, and the fertilizer is one centimeter deeper than the seeds, ensuring that the growth of the seeds is not damaged. Moreover, the fertilization and sowing can maintain the consistency of depth and depth and has the characteristics of neatness, convenience. And high efficiency compared with traditional planning.

Features OF Sweet Corn/Soybean Planter

The corn/soybean precision planter is a small machine used in dry fields. Suitable for ridge work in dryland crops. It is the first choice for farmers’ friends to realize agricultural mechanization. The gearbox produced by the regular enterprise is selected, and the high-quality brand-name gasoline engine is used as the supporting power. Easy to start, light and durable. The overall board design, one-shot molding, is sturdy and durable. Bold handles. User-friendly high-quality hand throttle design. The new model adds a high and low neutral gear clutch function. The unique main wheel design does not slip, and the dust is less, reducing the leakage and entanglement to the gearbox. Now Aike Machinery sweet corn/soybean planter for sale, welcome everyone to come and buy.

The malfunction with use Corn/Soybean Precision Planter

1. Usually, there are many people will encounter this situation, the seed meter is not seeded. Its main reason is that the transmission gear is not engaged, or the row of the shaft head of the gear square hole wears. We should make adjustments or repairs to the corn planter. If it is serious, should replace it.

2. There are also some seeding machines do not work. The reason is that the seeds block the seeding machines in the seed box, we should clean up the debris in time. There is also the seed shaft and the other the connection of the sheave is broken. We should change the tip. If there is an individual seed box that has not been pulled open, should pull apart the board.

3. When the seeding device is being planted, because there are no seeds in the individual ditch, the reason is that the opener or the seeding tube block. we must also clean up the debris inside the blockage, and also take Corresponding measures to prevent debris from entering the opener.

4. When the seeder is planted, it suddenly loses control. The reason is that the separation gap is too small. The should reinstall and then lock the tip, and the gap is separated under adjustment.

5. When the seeding machine is intermittent, the seeding is uneven. The reason is that the transmission gear meshing gap is too large, the gear slips and should adjust. If the clutch spring is too weak, the gear should be slippery, we should adjust or replace the spring.

Aike Machinery is the professional corn/soybean precision planter manufacturer, welcome to consult the price.

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