Common failure and maintenance method of corn thresher


Composition of corn thresher

Cheap factory price diesel engine/motor driven corn sheller, the main working part is the rotor mounted on the machine, which is threshed by the rotor to tell the rotation and the impact of the drum. It is a widely used economical threshing equipment, which has a small size and lightweight. Installation, operation, easy maintenance, high production efficiency, and many other advantages.

Aike Machinery produces the large, medium and small corn threshers that are mainly composed of five parts: the screen cover, the rotor assembly, the feeding device, and the frame. The screen and the upper cover rotor assembly together form a threshing chamber and a rotor. The assembly is the main working component and the threshing of the corn is done in the threshing chamber.

Placement of corn thresher

High-performance mini corn threshing/maize sheller machine is also important to place it when not in use. If the placement is not good, it will also cause equipment failure. Such as corn thresher agricultural machinery parked in the open air, wind, and rain, snow frost frozen. It causes the paint to fall off, rust and streaks, and mechanical cracking. Some rubber and tanning products are hardened, aged and embrittled. The technical status of agricultural machinery has deteriorated and faults have occurred frequently. It is easy to cause loss of agricultural machinery assets, and parts are lost and stolen. Increase in safety hazards.

Common failure and maintenance method of corn thresher

First, the feeding device returns the ear of corn
1. Reason: The amount of instant feeding is too large.
2. Exclusion method: Appropriate amount of continuous feeding.

Second, the drum is blocked
1. Reason: The adjustment plate of the discharge port at the end of the drum is small.
2. Remedy: Adjust the roller adjustment plate to a larger value or increase the separation outlet at the same time.

Third, the removal rate is not up to standard
1. Reason: The grain moisture content is too large, the roller regulating plate is too large, the roller rotation number is low. The nail’s teeth are worn seriously, and the feeding amount is not uniform.
2. Exclusion method: dry the corn, adjust the roller adjustment plate, increase the rotation speed of the drum, replace the nail teeth, and feed continuously evenly.

Fourth, more entrainment
1. Reason: The drum outlet is large, the drum rotation speed is high, and the separation chamber outlet is large.
2. Remedy: Adjust the roller end adjustment plate and the separation adjustment plate to make their outlets smaller. In addition, the rotation speed can be reduced.

Fifth, the election is not clean
1. Reason: The distance between the screen surface and the suction port adjustment plate is too small, and the air volume is large.
2. Exclusion method: properly open the upper cover of the suction duct, adjust the distance between the adjustment plate of the suction port and the screen surface, and reduce the fan speed.

Sixth, the granulator stops
1. Reason: The triangle belt is too loose, the size of the bevel gear is separated, and the blade and the shaft are separated.
2. Remedy: Tighten or replace the V-belt, clean up the blockage. Adjust the pitch of the bevel gear, re-weld the blade and shaft.

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