Combined Soil Preparation Machine


Introduce for Combined soild preparation machine

The combined soil preparation machine is a multifunctional land preparation machine, which is composed of a frame, a traction frame, a middle beam, a gearbox, a transmission box, a deep loose shovel assembly, a smashing component and a rotary cultivating component, and the transmission box is arranged on one side of the frame. There are seven intermeshing gears in the transmission box. The middle beam is arranged in parallel between the rotary tiller shaft and the smashing shaft. The cross beam is provided with a deep loose shovel assembly. The rotary ploughing shaft is directly driven by the gearbox output shaft; the gearbox side output The shaft is connected to the input shaft of the transmission box through the universal joint, and the shaft is driven by the output shaft of the transmission box, and a forced leveling device is arranged at the frame between the group of the ground disc and the roller. Principle: A soil shovel is installed under the end of the rack with the suspension frame, and a soil roller frame with a crushing roller is attached to the rear of the frame by a adjusting screw, and the elastic toothed sling is suspended. Between the shovel and the crusher roller. During the operation, the flat soil shovel scrapes the soil layer after the ploughing, the elastic tooth looses the soil, the soil roller crushes the soil block, and the topsoil is suppressed. It does not turn the soil layer during the work, and it is a finishing machine.

Combined Soil Preparation Machine

Mechanical repair

The structure of the combined soil preparation machine is relatively complicated and the price is relatively expensive. If it is not used correctly, it will cause failures and affect the economic benefits of the agricultural machinery operators. How to repair when the joint preparation machine fails?
(1) The rotary tiller blade is bent or broken. The main reason: 1 Rotary blade directly touches the stone and root of the field. 2 The machine fell sharply on the hard ground. 3 The blade itself is of poor manufacturing quality. Precautionary measures: 1 Before the machine is put into operation, first ask the land owner about the ground conditions, remove the stones in the field in advance, and bypass the roots during the operation. 2 When the implement is lowered, it should be carried out slowly. 3 Purchase qualified rotary tiller blades produced by regular manufacturers.
(2) The smashing knife is bent or broken. The main reason: the above three reasons that cause the rotary cutter to bend or break also cause the squeezing knife to bend or break; in addition, the small bend in the operation, the depth of the soil is too large, which is also an important reason for the smashing knife to bend or break. Precautionary measures: In addition to taking the same precautions as preventing the bending and breaking of the rotary cultivator, it is necessary to: 1 raise the joint grading machine when turning. 2 The smashing knife should not be too deep into the soil, and it should be 5~6cm. The main function of the joint grading machine is to break the scorpion, which is different from the ordinary smashing machine.
(3) The rotary cutter seat is damaged. The main reason: 1 when the rotary cultivator encounters stones, the force is too large. 2 The holder is not welded well. 3 The knife seat itself is not good. Precautionary measures: 1 Pay attention to the orientation of the knife seat when welding, and the arrangement of the knife seat is regular. 2 After welding, the quality of the weld should be checked and it must be welded to prevent the false weld. 3 buy a good tool holder.
(4) Bearing damage. Damage to the side gearbox bearings (typically 204 or 205 bearings), which can cause fatal damage to the cross drive shaft, gears, housing and PTO system. Main reasons: 1 The gear oil in the gearbox is insufficient, and the bearing is damaged due to lack of lubricating oil. 2 bearing quality is poor. Precautionary measures: 1 Check the gear oil stock of the two gearboxes in time to prevent all kinds of oil leakage and replace the damaged oil seal and paper pad in time. 2 Add butter in time, and buy high-quality bearings when replacing bearings. 3 After the combined soil preparation machine has been used for a period of time, it is necessary to adjust the clearance of various tapered bearings in time according to the requirements of the manual.
(5) The gear is damaged. The main reasons: 1 spur gear damage is mostly caused by the broken teeth of the bearing into the gear spokes, and a few are the poor quality of the gear itself. 2 Bevel gears are often improperly adjusted for gaps leading to early wear. Precautionary measures: 1 After working with the joint preparation machine for a period of time, the bevel gear clearance should be adjusted strictly in accordance with the instructions. 2 Always check the oil level of the gearbox lubricant to prevent bearing damage. When replacing the gear, choose high quality products.

Soil Preparation Machine
(6) The gear housing is damaged. The main reason: 1 is the damage of the gear box after the bearing is damaged and the gear is broken. 2 The gearbox is damaged by hitting a large stone in the field or a power and telecommunications concrete marker. Precautions: 1 Always check the oil level of the gearbox lubricant to prevent bearing damage. 2 circumvent various obstacles in the ground.
(7) The bearing housings on both sides of the rotary cutter shaft are damaged. Main reasons: 1 Rotary tiller shaft joint flange screw loose. 2 The spline sleeve is seriously worn and the gap is too large. 3 The main gearbox 4 fixing bolts are loose. Precautionary measures: 1 Check and tighten various bolts in time. 2 The fixing bolts of the main gear box must be made of high-numbered bolts and locked with double nuts to prevent loosening.
(8) The universal joint cross shaft is damaged. Main reasons: 1 The coupling angle between the power output shaft and the joint preparation machine is too large. 2 The cross shaft is short of oil. 3 When the joint preparation machine was put into the soil, the tractor was over-fueled. 4 The cross shaft swings too far left and right. Precautions: 1 The cross shaft is filled with butter once every 4 hours, and the temperature rise of the cross shaft is checked during operation. 2 Adjust the coupling inclination angle of the power output shaft and the joint preparation machine according to the requirements. If the inclination angle is too large, the rotary part of the rear side can be lowered to make the front part of the joint leveler work. 3 Adjust the left and right adjustment chains and lock them. 4 When the joint preparation machine has just entered the soil, the throttle should be slowly increased.
(9) The boring cutter shaft and the rotary cultivator shaft do not rotate or do not rotate. The main reason: 1 is the cutter shaft winding debris. 2 Bevel gears and tapered bearings are stuck without clearance. 3 After the bearing is damaged, its residual body is caught in the gear meshing surface, so that the gear cannot rotate. 4 The blade shaft is bent after being stressed too much, resulting in dissimilarity of the bearing. Precautions: 1 Avoid tangling the cutter shaft. 2 Adjust the bevel gear and cone bearing clearance in time. 3 Avoid the damage of the bearing after the bearing is caught in the gear meshing surface. 4 Prevent the cutter shaft from being overstressed and keep the bearings concentric. 5 When entering the ground, it is necessary to check and eliminate the situation that the boring cutter shaft and the rotary cultivator shaft are not rotating or rotating, so as to prevent serious accidents such as cracking and broken shaft.

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