Cleaning tips of Tractor Mounted Combine Peanut Harvester


The newly purchased harvester equipment will produce a lot of dust and debris after use, especially peanut harvesters. After using the peanut harvester for a period of time, it will produce a lot of debris. After a long time, it will affect the normal operation of the machine. Below, Aike Machinery will introduce you to the factory directly supply for peanut groundnut harvester cleaning tips.

Cleaning tips of Tractor Mounted Combine Peanut Harvester

As a high-efficiency peanut harvester equipment, before use, should remove the triangle of the harvester to clean the oil, mud, etc.. And should not expose to acid and alkaline substances and stored separately.
Secondly, we need to open the harvester inspection layer by layer. The tractor-mounted combine peanut harvester machinery is made up of parts and components, each of which is responsible for its duties. At this time, all external covers should be opened to clean the internal debris and dust, so as not to affect the normal machine.

1. Regularly clean the diesel filter and oil filter element according to the regulations. Clean or clean the air filter regularly.

2. Clean up grass clippings, straw and other contaminants from the engine cooling water tank radiator. Hydraulic oil radiator, air filter, etc.

3. Clean the dust, hull, stalk and other attachments inside and outside the harvester. Pay special attention to cleaning the reel, the header auger, the numerator, the cutter, the roller, the concave sieve, the vibrating plate. And the cleaning Attachments to screens, engine mounts, crawler belts, etc.

4. Clean up the mud and straw of each transmission belt and transmission chain. The mud will affect the balance of the wheel. The straw may ignite and ignite due to friction.

5. Regularly release the sediment from the diesel tank of the harvester, the water in the diesel filter and mechanical impurities.

Cleaning up the farm used machinery factory price tractor mounted combine peanut harvester is reflected in many details, so we should try our best to clean up and promote the smooth use of later use.

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