China Tractor With Multi-function Potato Garlic Peanut Harvester


Agricultural use tractor with multi-function groundnut carrots harvester specially designed for potato, peanut, and carrot. They are characterized by high harvesting efficiency, light peeling, and clean harvesting. The depth of the ground can reach more than 30cm. More than 25 horsepower tractors are used. The machine equips with a special harvester conveyor belt, which greatly increases the service life. The special cast iron gearbox makes the machine run more smoothly.

This equipment, produced by a tractor with multi-function peanut harvester manufacturer Aike. It is equipped with a vibrating screen device and a front wheel dialing device to achieve better separation of soil and potatoes, greatly improving work efficiency. There are also users who use the equipment to harvest cash crops such as sweet potatoes and garlic. Now Aike mechanical multi-function peanut potato harvester for sale, welcome to come to consult.

Parameters of Multi-function Peanut Potato Harvester

Diesel engine power Matching form Machine size Structure quality (kg) cutting width Working efficiency Net harvest rate Damage rate
18-120 horsepower  Driven by a tractor  2580*1900*1100mm 620  ≥ 1650 mm 4-11 mu/hour 99.5% ≤1%

Advantage of Multifunctional groundnut carrot harvester

1. Wholesale tractor and multi-purpose potato peanut carrots harvester, supporting power four-wheel tractor, can harvest single ridge single row or double ridge double row. The machine has high harvesting efficiency, bottoming rate, no damage, light, and no vibration, no grass blocking, fast soil leakage, simple structure, and long service life.
2. The use of a wide range of soil. Use soil type: sand, loam, medium clay. Special forced vibration system, good separation effect, and strong applicability.
3. High recovery rate, low damage rate, and fast cost recovery.
4. China tractor with multi-function potato garlic peanut harvester in the course of work, you can extract the remaining mulch film in the soil, without affecting the next quarter crop growth.

Features of Potato Garlic Peanut Harvester

1. The equipment adopts the overall gearbox design connected with the walking tractor, which is convenient and quick to connect, and the power output is safe and reliable.

2. The use of the two-way boring device, two-stage vibrating wheel vibration shaking earth design, so that the hardest part of the potato vines and the untwisted part of the vines quickly separated, not entangled, fast.

3. China tractor with multi-function potato garlic peanut harvester uses a unique vibration block design to make the conveyor rod of the machine generate up and down wave motion during movement, making the soil shake more clean, especially suitable for yellow land, clay land, and semi-stand land use.

4. The machine adopts two-way crushed earth crushing soil and double-vibration sun-dried soil transport design, which can effectively meet the needs of yellow land, clay land and semi-standing land, which is easy to be agglomerated and difficult to break. The double vibrating screen makes peanut fruit and vine The adherent soil is separated more cleanly.

5. Agricultural use tractor with multi-function groundnut carrots harvester each movement and related components are designed independently, twisted and fixed, making maintenance more convenient and fast.

6. Now multi-function peanut potato harvester for sale, welcome to buy.

installation and commissioning of Peanut potato harvester

1. Firstly, the peanut harvester is installing and debugging before leaving the factory, but some adjustments are still needed after purchase. For example, whether it can operate normally and the rated efficiency of work can meet the requirements, these can be easily tested as long as the regulations are met. Normal operation can be done, and everyone will ask more when purchasing, in order to facilitate the subsequent operation and avoid unnecessary troubles.
2. Secondly, it is necessary to understand the working principle of peanut harvester. So that it can be easily completed when debugging the equipment.
3. Another thing to note is that the working principle of different types of peanut harvesters is different, so be sure to distinguish them when debugging.

Operating procedure video

Aike professional tractor with multi-function peanut harvester manufacturer, specializing in the production and wholesale tractor and multi-purpose potato peanut carrots harvester, welcome everyone to come to inquire the price.

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