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Product description of Potato planter

The 3 Point hitch potato planting machine is a device that simultaneously ditches, fertilizes, sowing, ridges, sprays, sprays herbicides, and lays film. It can use with any variety of 25-35 horsepower four-wheel tractors. It is compact, reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain. The equipment is manufactured by Hexie, a single row and double row potato planter exporter. The use of this equipment for potato seeding not only improves production efficiency but also saves a lot of manpower.

The equipment is mainly composed of the ground wheel, frame, opener, seeding mechanism, seedbox, fertilizer box, spraying device, film laying, film covering device and the like. The whole machine is attached to the rear end of the tractor. During the operation, the tractor advances. And the ground wheel on the machine is finished by shifting.

At the same time, the fertilizer device also discharges a proper amount of fertilizer into the ditch. And the ridge is ridged, the ridge is flattened and the herbicide is sprayed. And then laying, the laminating wheel presses the two sides of the mulch. And finally, the shovel presses the soil against the mulch. Now Hexie single row and double row potato planter for sale. We have a double-row potato seeder in stock, welcome everyone to come and buy.

Product Features of double row potato planter

1. Adopt independent fertilization structure and carry out adjustable ridge side deep fertilization to effectively prevent seed and fertilizer mixing, so as to avoid causing the fat-burning phenomenon.

2. Adopt independent seeding monomer structure, and adjust the ridge distance and plant spacing according to different planting modes to adapt to different geographical needs.

3. Application of high-frequency motor vibration device ensures the precision of seeding, effectively reduces the re-broadcasting rate and has strong adaptability to different specifications of seed potatoes.

4. The mechanical shaking mechanism solves the phenomenon of unkempt, ensuring that the spoon is continuously taken, and the manual seeding is omitted.

5. The ground axle realizes the design of the stepless optical axis, which improves the working strength of the multiple times in the traditional way in the torque and bearing capacity.

6. Equipped with disc-shaped ridge and earth-covering parts, the shape of the ridge is good and the soil is evenly covered, which is beneficial to the better absorption of water and nutrients by the potato seed.

7. Four-row planter standard tray marker, the marker uses a dual-arm disc design, compared with the ordinary artificial broadcast marker to reduce the labor intensity and improve the efficiency.

8. Single row and double row potato planter for sale, Hexie Machinery is now factory direct sales equipment, welcome to buy.

Working principle of single and double row potato planter

Double row potato planter made in China. When the equipment manipulator clutch combines, the supporting tractor drove the machine. And the ditch shovel is used to open the ditch. At the same time, the driving wheel starts to rotate, and the sprocket and the chain drive are driven to drive the seeding through the driving axle. That is to say, the chain drove the potato cup, and the seed potato is lifted and loaded. When it is moved to the highest point, it enters the seed potato guiding tube and then is discharged into the seeding groove opened by the shovel type opener.

As the planter advances, the inverted eight-character shovel pushes the floating soil that has been shoveled in front of the ditch to the ditch and covers the seed potato. The soil is covered by the seed potato to reach 0-25 cm. The fertilizer is applied to the top of the seed potato through the fertilization device and the fertilization guide tube, and then the soil shovel is used to float the soil around the ditch, and all of them cover the ditch and take out the small broom.

The uses of 3 Point hitch Potato Planting Machine

The double row potato planter made in China and is a small potato planter with a simple structure and an 18kw walking tractor for supporting power. Particularly suitable for small field planting. It is easy to operate, economical and has high seeding efficiency. Compared with manual, it can improve work efficiency by 4 to 5 times.

1. Equipment structure
Potato layered fertilizing planter mainly consists of rack, trenching shovel, hanging frame, seedbox, lower part, seed potato guiding tube, fertilizer box, driving wheel, sprocket chain, potato cup, clutch, soil shovel and so on. Component composition.

2. Installation
We equip it with a two-wheeled walking tractor with the corresponding horsepower. The main frame of the main unit is placed in the tractor’s traction box, aligned with the pin shaft connecting hole, and then fixed with the pin shaft to make the seeding machine and the tractor united. The installation is complete and ready for use.

Hexie is a professional single row and double row potato planter exporter. Our products are sold to the United States, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries. Now Hexie has a double-row potato seeder in stock. Users who need it can come to contact our customer service staff or come to the manufacturer to test the machine.

Seeding process video of Potato seeder

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