China Multi-Function Peanut Planter with Fertilizer Machine


Peanut planter with fertilizer machine is sowing equipment for sowing and fertilizing. The equipment is multi-function peanut planter supplier Hexie develop and produce. The wide use of this equipment improves the planting efficiency of users and saves labor costs. When the device is in use, can operate it in a single operation or in combination. For single operation, the equipment can directly connect to the tractor to work on the sown land. The joint operation drives the cutter shaft through the power output shaft to complete the series of operations such as fertilizing, sowing, spraying, mulching ridging all in one peanut planter.

Introduction of Peanut Planter with Fertilizer Machine

The China peanut planter equipment adopts water-saving plastic film mulching cultivation technology, which is a scientific cultivation technique with quick effect and high economic benefit. It can improve the temperature of the soil in the cultivated layer, improve the microclimate condition of the cultivated layer, and make the soil moisture.

The microclimate status of nutrients and near-surface layers changes in a direction favorable to the growth of crops. Thereby artificially controlling the growth of crops, increasing water to reduce water evaporation. Eliminating the effects of adverse factors such as short-term frost-free spring drought and low temperature on crops. Such as Some crops, cash crops, vegetables and grain, and oil crops mature in advance.

Parameter of Peanut Planter with Fertilizer Machine

Matching horsepower  Number of rows Applicable film width Working efficiency     (hours) Size Weight Line spacing
installation > 18Hp tractor 2 rows and 4 rows 80cm 3-5mu 2 rows

1 * 1.4 * 0.8M

150kg 4 rows 1.7 * 1.4 * 0.8M 230kg  25-30cm, the plant spacing can be adjusted to 6 gears through the gearbox

This equipment can improve quality and increase production, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency, and ensure that agriculture increases production and income. Now Hexie sells 2-4 rows multi-function peanut planter, welcome everyone come to inquire the price.

Working video of Peanut Planter with Fertilizer Machine

Characteristics of China Peanut Planter Equipment

1. The seeding mode of the machine is on-demand on the film. The hole spacing is 16-17 cm, the row spacing is 20-25 cm, the width between the ridges is 45 cm, the sowing amount is 80% for seeds two, and the extra small seeds are three. The 12V AC/DC diaphragm pump for spraying power can connect to the generator or to the storage battery.

2. Powerful, making the spray finer. The planter is equipped with two vats, which reduces the number of dosing times between sowings and improves work efficiency. The spray head adopts a single switch spray head, and the user can adjust the amount of spray according to his own needs.

3. The shaft of the plastic film frame is rotated by bearings to make the film rotate more evenly during the covering process. The exhibition film wheel adopts a spindle-shaped outer spiral design, which flattens the enables the film in a time when covered it. When launching the ground, the can pull out mulch film at will, and it can flatten automatically without manual expansion.

4. The ground wheel chain drove cover soil on the membrane, to cover the soil roller so that the covering soil on the membrane is uniform.
Three pressure-reducing wheels are installed at the rear of the planter to make the peanut seeds more close contact with the soil after sowing, which is conducive to rapid emergence and growth. The ridge height is adjustable, the width and width are adjustable, the seeding row spacing is adjustable, and the seeding tray can be adjusted to suit the peanut seed size.

5. The cover roller equips with a drive wheel to avoid the possibility of the roller pulling the plastic film. The product is complete in variety, with two membranes, one membrane, and three rows, two membranes and four rows, three membranes and six rows, which can use with a variety of tractors. Fertilizing, sowing, spraying, mulching ridging all in one peanut planter.


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