2018 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition


On October 26th, 2018 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition (referred to as China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition) was held in Wuhan International Expo Center. The theme of this year’s China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition is “Village Revitalization and Comprehensive Agricultural Mechanization”, with an exhibition area of ​​210,000 square meters, gathering more than 1,900 international and domestic enterprises. The highlights of this exhibition are as follows

Highlight 1: The exhibits in the exhibition area are more diverse and diverse. In terms of products, domestic well-known agricultural machinery enterprises, as well as the world’s top agricultural machinery manufacturers such as John Deere, Kele, Hexie, Deutzfal, Kubota, and Yanmar, gather in Wuhan, and the products cover all aspects of mechanization of crops. In the planning of exhibition areas, the organizers are in line with the international standards, implement the promotion of regional exhibitions, set up professional exhibition areas such as tractors and tillage machinery, rice machinery, animal husbandry machinery and agricultural machinery, and introduce a series of characteristics reflecting the development of China’s agricultural machinery. The exhibition area.

Highlight 2: The degree of internationalization has once again upgraded and innovated. The 2018 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition continued to respond to the National Belt and Road Initiative to promote China’s agricultural machinery to the world and host an international forum on mechanization of fruits and vegetables in Spain, Italy, and Germany.

Highlight 3: The forum is full of activities. China Agricultural Machinery Exhibition held the “Agricultural Productive Service Policy, Theory and Practice Development Forum”, inviting relevant industry leaders, research institute experts, and business people to focus on China’s land contracting system, agricultural industrial chain construction, and agricultural production trusteeship system. , special reports on relevant policies and measures such as artificial intelligence and big data; and held the “2018 Agricultural Machinery Industry Economic Operation and Market Analysis Report Meeting”. The report invites senior industry experts to analyze the operation of the agricultural machinery industry in 2018, interpret the characteristics of agricultural machinery circulation and market changes in 2018 and the national preferential policies for agriculture, and forecast the development trend of the agricultural machinery market and import and export business in the future; Live demonstration of mechanization of vegetable production.

In addition, during the exhibition, 2018 China Agricultural Machinery Industry Awards Ceremony, 2018 Vegetable Production Mechanization Development Forum, Precision Agriculture and Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Forum, National Modern Agricultural Industrial Technology System Agricultural Machinery Post Scientists Conference, North Orchard Production Mechanization Development Forum, China Irrigation and drainage industry development forum, scientific and technological innovation leads Hubei Agricultural Machinery High-quality Development Forum, 2019 Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Expo press conference, 2018 China Sugarcane Mechanization Expo press conference, promotion of hilly mountainous agricultural mechanization development report conference, rural environmental comprehensive treatment technology and Equipment development forum, agricultural machinery design innovation seminar and on-site demonstration of agricultural drones.

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