China Automatic tractor mounted garlic sowing machine


Introduction of the garlic planting machine

The 3 point hitch garlic planting machine is agricultural machinery with a small earth-covering device and a soil-removing device. Including a hopper, a seeding shaft and a seeding device installed under the hopper. A plurality of tunnels under the seeding device, and a rack below the rack. The detachable opener has a grading device in front of the opener. And a shovel is arranged behind the opener, and a ground wheel installs at one end of the frame. And the ground wheel connects with the seed shaft through the transmission structure. And the rear end of the frame provides removable seat with drawbar at the front of the frame.

The equipment produced by China garlic planter manufactures Aike, and is a new type of automatic tractor mounted garlic sowing machine. When the equipment is working, the grounding speed can effectively control by using the ground wheel drive and the weight.

The detachable seat can seat on the upper or the walking operation, which increases the flexibility of the machine. Can use the front shovel. The wheel groove of the tractor levels and then sown, and the soil cover can cover the seed sowed well. And the fertilization can complete during the sowing process, and the equipment performance is good.
The 3 point hitch garlic planting machine can plant a variety of plants such as garlic, wheat, soybean, corn, etc. It is an ideal sowing device. Our factory now sells planter equipment, welcome everyone to consult the tractor mounted garlic sowing machine price.

Use of China Garlic Seeder Equipment

Garlic planter can widely use in large-scale and mechanized sowing of garlic in the middle, east and west plains and hilly areas. It can use alone or in combination with small and medium-sized agricultural tractors commonly used by farmers. Through the successful turn of the garlic, a one-time wide range of continuous seeding can realize, and the scale and mechanization of garlic planting can realize. Improve user’s sowing efficiency and save a lot of manpower and material costs.

features of the garlic planting machine

1. In the process of sowing, the garlic planter can quickly adjust the direction of sowing of garlic and garlic, so that the root of the garlic is facing down and the head is facing upwards. Eliminate manpower operating and enable quick seeding.
2. Precise seeding, efficient operation, can improve seeding efficiency, and achieve mechanization of garlic sowing.
3. The use of separate power or with the use of small and medium-sized agricultural tractors commonly used by farmers, low cost, simple structure, easy to scale operations.
4. Automatic tractor mounted garlic sowing machine can use with the tractor, in the process of sowing, the equipment can adjust the speed according to different soil conditions.

The maintenance of tractor mounted garlic sowing machine

1. Before using the equipment, check whether the various parts of the equipment are complete, or the screws are loose. If there is any problem, adjust it and work.
2. After use, you must first clean the equipment, clean up the soil or garlic and other debris on the equipment, so as not to delay the next use of the equipment.
3. After cleaning China garlic seeder equipment, we must first dry. After the water stains on the equipment are clean, put the equipment into stock. In order to avoid residual water stains, the equipment will rust.
4. The equipment should maintain often during the season when it is not in use. For example, the lubricant is often rubbed on the easily rusted parts of the equipment. If the equipment paint falls off, spray it immediately.

video of Garlic seeder sowing 

Aike is a professional China garlic planter manufactures, all the equipment we produce are factory direct sales. No middlemen to earn the difference, to ensure the quality and price of the equipment, users can rest assured to buy. Users in need can also come to our official website to consult the tractor mounted garlic sowing machine price or come to our factory for a field visit, we are very welcome.

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