Characteristics of use OF Silage Baler Packing Machine


Automatic hay round baler grass straw silage baler and packing machine has been very hot in recent years. On the one hand, it is due to the restraint of straw ignition in China, and on the other hand, the promotion of straw acceptance has also made more and more customers know each other. The advantage of using a straw baler. Straw baler equipment is to contain corn stalks, beanstalks and other agricultural and forestry wastes to crush and produce high-quality straw coal. And the straw baler has been fully automated after years of development. That is to say, there is no need to separately provide a destroyer to directly destroy the molding, which provides more convenience for the producer. But the investor does not have to take into account that the equipment itself is not well-trained and maintained. For the silage baler packing machine to have excellent production performance, operators must learn professional equipment handling methods.

Advantages of Silage Baler Packing Machine

Many of our customers are using straw balers to pack all kinds of waste paper into pieces for easy transportation. It can quickly make the waste paper and waste straw baler into a convenient shape. The impact of burning waste straw on the atmospheric conditions was eliminated. This straw baler equipment has now been used in agriculture and other industries.

Every summer and autumn is the harvest season for wheat and corn. When the food was collected, the farmers would pull the straw to the industrial wood. It not only pollutes the environment but also wastes resources. The production and use of China semi-automatic silage rice straw round bundling machine solve this big problem for farmers.

1. The use of straw by means of machine returning to the field, sheltering tillage, stacking and returning to the field. Can improve the soil in a useful way, enter the forces, reduce the production cost, improve the number of agricultural products, and help grow green agriculture.

2. Through silage, micro-storage and briquetting processing, the conversion of straw into high-quality feed is conducive to the promotion of animal husbandry. The growth of edible fungi to transform straw is conducive to the increase of farmers’ income. The conversion of straw by biogas and vaporization is conducive to the deployment of new energy equipment for the scorpion.

3. Enriching the use of straw resources and restraining the ignition of straw can use to control pollution, optimize the situation, and ensure the orderly organization of social and economic survival.

Straw baler in the way of using features

China semi-automatic silage rice straw round bundling machine has greatly eliminated the footprint of straw crops, even if there is a lot of work, its role is still very significant. The stalk is not profitable because the straw is lighter, but the volume is large. If it is transported, it is more difficult. The cost of freight is very high. If it is packaged, packed into a bag, and compressed, it can greatly save some costs.


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