Changing Potato planter grown in traditional agriculture


With the continuous advancement and development of agricultural production, potatoes have become an important economic crop. Nowadays, there are more and more potato growers. And machinery manufacturers have begun to develop various agricultural machinery and equipment. Large-scale planting of potatoes. The artificial sowing is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the labor cost is high. At this time, the potato planter can use to complete the seeding of the potatoes. Saving labor costs, saving labor and planting speed.
In order to meet different planting patterns in different regions, we will further expand the product category and better serve the potato planting of complex terrains such as mountains and hills. The single row and double row potato planter exporter Aike has introduced a new potato planter. A 3 point hitch potato planting machine, through continuous research and development and improvement.

China Single row and Double Row Potato planter For Sale

The Aike Machinery produce the potato planter has been well received and widely recognized by many growers since its launch. The potato planter can realize the ditching and application in the sowing process of the potato. Fertilization, sowing, ridges, spraying pesticides and other mechanization. Especially in the seeding and seeding system, to achieve breakthrough improvement. Supporting different sizes of spoons can complete accurate seeding of different sizes of micro-sized potatoes from 3 to 18 grams.

Our factory produces potato planter equipment is very important for the use of modern agriculture. Some potato planting farms and potato planting bases, because of the large number of potatoes needed to be planted. In order to save manpower, material resources, and financial resources, they will choose to buy and use. The double row potato planter made in China. The potato planter not only changed the traditional way of artificially planting potatoes but also improved the productivity of the seeder. Now Aike machinery China single row and double row potato planter for sale, welcome to buy.

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