Catalogue for Taian Aike Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.


We are a professional production and sales company of agricultural machinery and equipment. The company has 50 employees and 20 sets of machining equipment.

Main production

Agricultural tillage machinery: disc plow, disc harrow, rake plow, rotary tiller, subsoiler;
Planting machinery: wheat planter, peanut planter, corn planter, potato planter, vegetable planter, tractor mounted maize/soybean planter;
Threshing machine: rice threshing machine, corn thresher, soybean thresher, peanut sheller;
Plant protection machinery: self-propelled sprayer, tractor backpack sprayer, cultivator, ripper, rider, laminating machine;
Harvesting machine: potato harvester, garlic harvester, medicinal harvester, Small wheat straw harvester;
Forestry machinery: tree planting digging machine;
Pasture machinery: grazing machine, mower, baler;
and spreader, buckwheat, plow, plowshare, and other agricultural machinery and accessories.

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