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We are a professional production and sales company of agricultural machinery and equipment. The company has 50 employees and 20 sets of machining equipment. It mainly produces agricultural tillage machinery (disc plow, disc harrow, rake plow, rotary tiller). , subsoiler), planting machinery (wheat planter, peanut planter, corn planter, potato planter, vegetable planter, Tractor Mounted Maize/soybean Planter), threshing machine (rice threshing machine, corn thresher, soybean thresher, peanut Sheller) ), plant protection machinery (self-propelled sprayer, tractor backpack sprayer, cultivator, ripper, rider, laminating machine), harvesting machine (potato harvester, garlic harvester, medicinal harvester, Small wheat straw harvester), forestry machinery (tree planting digging machine), pasture machinery (grazing machine, mower, baler) spreader, buckwheat, plow, plowshare and other agricultural machinery and accessories.

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