Automatic Manure Machine


Introduction for automatic cleaning machine 

The automatic cleaning machine is independently developed by Aike Company for many years. It is mainly used for cage raising eggs and automatic cleaning equipment for breeding chickens.

classification for automatic cleaning machine 

According to the method of clearing manure: cascading automatic septic machine and stepped automatic septic machine.
According to the mode of use: vertical automatic cleaning machine, horizontal automatic cleaning machine.

The difference OF Automatic Manure Machine

The biggest difference between the cascading automatic septic machine and the stepped automatic septic machine is the difference in the method of cleaning the feces.
Automatic Manure Machine

Instructions for automatic cleaning machine 

1. Longitudinal automatic cleaning machine: It can use to clear the feces once a day. In special cases, it can extend to two days, but not often, because the defecation belt and the transmission motor cannot in a high-load working state for a long time.
2. Horizontal automatic cleaning machine: must first start the horizontal cleaning machine and then start the vertical cleaning machine. Must first close the vertical automatic cleaning machine and then close the horizontal automatic cleaning machine.

Manure Machine

Routine maintenance

1. When the automatic manure removal belt is close to the edge of the passive roller at the head end, it can be adjusted by tightening the bolts on the tensioning rod. When the cleaning belt moves back by one third, it should properly relax. Bolts to prevent the defecation from coming back over the head.

2. When the clearing belt runs away from the edge of the passive roller, you can release the tensioning chain, move the cleaning belt to the middle of the passive roller by hand, then install the tensioning chain on the sprocket, then tighten it with a pipe wrench. The hexagonal shaft can move until the bolt on the tensioning rod is tightened.

3. If the automatic cleaning machine has a tape winding situation, it is only necessary to spread the soil in the passive roller. Go and don’t cut.

4. After the use of the defecation belt for a period of time, there will be a phenomenon of prolonging the loose sputum, to cut off a section and then re-weld. Be sure to buy an ultrasonic plastic welder. When welding, the two ends should align and must not skew.

5. The tail end deviation is relatively rare, the main reason is that the rubber roller is not pressed tightly. If the deviation is reversed, it can be adjusted by adjusting the tightness of the outermost bolt, and then press the rubber roller. If the tape is reeled, the rubber roller is pressed after adjusting the bolt, and then a stick is used to spread the flat strip of the front roller of the large roller during operation, and the tape winding problem is naturally solved when the operation is performed.

6. Regularly inspect the bearings and rubber rollers every month. The bearings should grease regularly. The rubber rollers should keep tight and not loose.

7. The maintenance of the horizontal automatic cleaning machine is the same as that of the loading conveyor.

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