Automatic hay round baler features in terms of use


Advantage of hay straw grass silage baler and packaging machine

Automatic hay straw grass silage baler and packaging machine is a machine that packs crushed silage straw into a cylindrical bundle, reducing the labor and time wastage of manual labor. Automatic hay round baler grass straw silage baler and packing machine brings great benefits to the majority of farmers and friends. Effectively saving people’s labor, thus improving our production efficiency.
In the work, the corn straw round baler is mainly subjected to mechanical actions such as picking, cutting, compacting and bundling. Finally, the straw is bundled into a bundle, which realizes the automation of the whole bead straw baling process. Its ultra-high performance is mainly: low price, high localization rate, high work efficiency, and more convenient maintenance. The length and size of the bundle can be adjusted according to transportation and storage requirements during use.

China semi-automatic silage rice straw round bundling machine is the only equipment in China that can reliably pick up and bundle corn straw. The corn straw round baler has been carefully designed by the technicians to avoid the phenomenon that the bale density is small after the bundling and the mold is easy to be mildewed. The density of the corn straw after the bundling is large, and it is convenient for the envelope silage.

Each time the straw baler is produced, the components and lubricants of the equipment are added. Ensure that the equipment is operating normally. Always check that the gap between the gear and the material bin is in a normal state. Always check the conveyor belt of the equipment to check the tightness and adjust it in time to improve work efficiency. When the work is completed, the dust on the equipment and the dust and debris between the various parts should be cleaned and wiped to ensure normal production on the second day.

Silage baler packing machine features in terms of use

The full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine greatly eliminates the footprint of straw crops. If you are a private application, you may not find it. If you are a manufacturer, you probably have a lot of straw, and it works as usual.

Many straws are not profitable because the straw is lighter, but the volume is large. If transportation is poor, the cost of oil freight is very high. If the packaging is carried out, the bag is packed, and the volume is compressed, the logistics cost can be greatly eliminated. The rent is expensive, and the problem of high storage costs can be improved.

The purchase of straw balers is divided into semi-automatic balers and fully automatic balers. The packaging principle of the semi-automatic baler will wrap the package around the product for one circle. Insert the package belt and then touch the micro-switch to complete the take-up, heat sealing, blocking and out. The automatic baler is the active packaging of the product in the gantry bow of the tabletop of the baler. If you don’t attempt to make small self-made, the package equipment deployment and plate thickness and processing technology will affect the quality and stability of the later baler. Some customers will choose some low-cost unpackaged balers due to the price gap. After purchasing for a period of time, various problems hindered the exposure.

Full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine sets out the wear and tear of the equipment deployment whether it is in use or in the idle process. Wear is the wear and tear that sets the equipment to be deployed in physical form. The equipment is deployed in the operation and utilization, and the appearance of the components and parts that interact with each other is caused by friction and some problems arise due to friction.

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