Structural Advantages Of Animal Feed Corn Stalk Silage Cutting Machine


Animal feed corn stalk silage cutting machine consists of rack, chain conveyor belt, spindle assembly, upper and lowers feed roller drive gear, moving the knife, fixed blade, feed port, boring plate, discharge port, shield, transmission wheel, etc. composition. During work, the material is placed on the chain conveyor belt, and the material is conveyed at a constant speed to the inlet of the feeding roller and is sent to the fixed knife under the clamping of the upper and lower rollers, and the moving knife in the rotation will extend the fixed knife. The material is cut off, and after being softened by the crucible, it is thrown out through the projectile along with the bottom plate. The use of the animal feed corn stalk silage cutting machine not only brings great convenience to the user, but also saves manpower, and is the best equipment for the user to cut the corn stalk of the animal feed.

Silage Cutting Machine product advantages

1. Adopt a new type of harvesting header, and apply straw and corn harvest at the same time to ensure that the operator can earn better income.
2. The harvesting efficiency of the machine is high, and the new structure ensures smoother operation and less blockage!
3, the use of internationally renowned brands of belts, bearings and hydraulic components to ensure the reliability of vehicle operations.
4. It is better than the traditional way of collecting straw and harvesting straw from the harvesting machine. The harvesting straw does not touch the soil, and the drafting materials are free of soil and no impurities. The cattle and sheep are willing to eat, and the breeding plant purchases at a higher price.
5. The car is also equipped with a strapless transaxle, which has high reliability and no faults. The operation is light and the driver’s fatigue is greatly reduced. The shifting is light and the effective working time is greatly increased.
6. Silage cutting machine picking and cutting header adopts the dragon claw type pulling stem roller, which increases the pulling ability of the stem, enhances the smoothness of the pulling and pulling stem, reduces the miscellaneous rate on the header, and greatly reduces the working pressure of other cleaning parts of the whole vehicle and improves the working pressure. The peeling rate of the peeling machine makes the whole vehicle operation smoother and more reliable. It is the first choice of the farmers’ friends, especially the friends who work across the district.

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