Amazing Corn Harvester in China | Tractor Single-row Corn harvester


China walking tractor single-row corn harvester is an amazing production invention in agricultural production. Use this equipment to complete a row of corn picking and straw crushing functions at one time. Supporting the collection of the bucket is full, the bag can remove, the height of the bag can adjust, the tension clutch is safe, and the turning radius is small.
The machine receives the corn from one to two acres per hour and directly smashes the straw. The height of the ear is more than 60 cm. The higher the straw, the greater the light bar rate.

Amazing Corn Harvester in China | Tractor Single-row Corn harvester

1: The model is small and adaptable, and is widely used in sporadic blocks that cannot be passed by large corn harvesters such as hilly mountains.
2: Full-featured, picking up the straw, crushing the straw, etc., almost the same function as the large corn harvester.
3: Supporting power, the whole machine is shipped.
4: Easy to install and disassemble, truly make a far more versatile.
5: The operation is flexible, the cutting height can adjust, and the turning radius is small.

Aike Machinery provides a new direct multi-function mini corn harvester diesel corn harvester hand push corn harvester, whose structure consists of a drive unit, a harvesting device, and a harvesting transfer wheel. The harvesting device is placed at the front end of the drive unit, the harvesting device, and the drive unit. A harvesting transfer wheel is arranged between the devices.

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