AL920 Garden Pavement Public Manual Wet Sweeping Machine


AL920 hand-push type non-powered sweeping machine, the product design is exquisite and unique in technology. The whole machine does not need any electromechanical power. It can be easily recycled to the garbage bin by walking on foot. The front and rear rolling brushes can be based on the ground. As well as garbage, it is convenient to adjust the height to achieve low loss and practical effect. The main components are made of engineering plastics, which are corrosion-resistant, anti-aging and non-deformable. The garbage bin is easy to handle, tightly closed and can hold acid. Corrosive garbage such as alkali, salt, grease, etc.; closed precision bearings are used for the rotating parts, which makes the whole machine flexible and effortless. 

Manual Wet Sweeping Machine is suitable for the cleaning of dust and small particles in workshops, warehouses and courtyards.
The product adopts the unique helical gear change-direction transmission technology, which automatically converts the parallel rolling of the front wheel of the sweeper into the horizontal rotation of the brush, various block-shaped granular garbage, and closes the ground-type garbage shovel and rotates. The push and match of the brush will automatically collect the garbage into the garbage bin of the machine. The whole cleaning process has no dust and no noise pollution, and it is clean and neat.

Manual Wet Cleaning Machine

Due to the use of spiral worm gear reversing transmission technology, AL920 garden pavement public manual wet sweeping machine replaces the tedious traditional belt steering transmission setting, making the whole structure more compact and lighter. The multi-head worm gear transmission parts are cast by practical engineering plastics, which are super corrosion-resistant and need no lubrication. Strong and wear-resistant, the power loss of the whole machine is reduced, the transmission efficiency is greatly improved, and the traditional sweeping machine is more labor-saving and more practical.

This product is suitable for the cleaning and collection of granules and blocky garbage in the streets, courtyards, schools, workshops, warehouses, etc., such as beverage bottles, cigarette boxes, packaging materials, peels, paper scraps, leaves and so on.
AL920 Garden Pavement Public Manual Wet Sweeping Machine, novel style, energy saving and practical, cleaning efficiency is 4-6 times that of traditional manual broom, in line with the national “energy saving, environmental protection” development policy, conforming to the historical trend of low carbon economy, making the tedious Cleaning work becomes simple and labor-saving and labor-saving.

Garden Cleaning Machine


Hand Push Cleaning Floor Sweeping Machine Description

1. Size: 1300x920x1035mm

2. Hopper: 40L

3. Material: Plastic

4. Sweeper width: 920mm

5.  Customer logo is welcomed

6. N.W.:22kg

7. GW: 25kg

 Hand Push Cleaning Floor Sweeping Machine Advantage

–Easy operation

–Any customized color is available.

–Durable quality

–Logo printing is ok.

–24 years trading experience.

–Best service and most reasonable price.

 Hand Push Cleaning Floor Sweeping Machine Packing

1. Packing: 1pc per carton

2. Gross weight: 12.5kgs

3. Quantity/container: 300pcs/20GP, 750pcs/40’HQ

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