AKBZJ-11-1 Peanut Planter with Fertilizer Machine with 15-100 horsepower tractor


Hexie Machinery AKBZJ-11-1 peanut planter with fertilizer machine is a peanut-coated seeding machine that meets the requirements of agronomic requirements. It is mainly used to directly attach to the tractor to work on the cultivated land. It can single operation. The operation of the equipment drives the cutter shaft through the power output shaft. And the mulching, fertilization, water storage, sowing, soil, repression, film mulching, and film pressing on the membrane are completed by the rear membrane seeder. Fertilizing, sowing, spraying, mulching ridging all in one peanut planter. Hexie Machinery AKBZJ-11-1 peanut planter is compact, reasonable in design, easy to operate. Which is suitable for the cultivation of a 15-100 horsepower tractor.Adjustable in multiple parts, suitable for use in mountainous and plain areas.

Adjustment method of peanut planter

1. When the peanut planter is working, it should keep straight and at a constant speed to ensure the quality of the film. If the film is deflected, the film roll should be realigned to the front and kept perpendicular to the direction of advancement. And then straight forward at a constant speed.

2. After the equipment enters the ground, the ground film is pulled out by hand for about 0.5 meters. The top of the film buries in the soil and the soil is pressed on both sides of the film to work. The driver should check the quality of ditching, rotary tillage, soil cover, ridge and sowing during work. When the machine is turning to the ground, the length of the film should be reserved for manual replanting and filming.

3. Peanut planter with fertilizer machine when the local film cannot press. First, check whether the width of the film is consistent with the width of the crepe. If it is consistent, increase the pressure of the spring at the end of the film roll. When the local membrane is severely damaged, the pressure of the laminating wheel should reduce. If the lap of the mulch is severe, the shovel angle of the shovel should reduce, and the distance between the shovel and the mulch should lengthen.


Advantage Peanut Planter with Fertilizer Machine

1. Increase the fruit bin and keep working longer;
2. Adjust the working track, and the suitable planting mode is wider;
3. Increase the transfer rolling screen to make the collection more uniform;
4. Optimize the transmission system, and the trouble-free operation time is longer;
5. Lengthen the fruit picking roller and pick the fruit more cleanly;
6. Lengthen and widen the vibrating screen, and the cleaning effect is better;
7. Optimize the fan, the direction of the fan port is adjustable, and the flower growth potential is more suitable.

Hexie Machinery is a multi-function peanut planter supplier. Our equipment has been exported to the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, India, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and other countries, and has been well received by users. Welcome everyone to come and buy.

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