Aike new Multi-function Potato Garlic Peanut Harvester equipment AKSHJ-125


The use of the China tractor with multi-function potato garlic peanut harvester makes it difficult to remove the peanuts from the ground, and the fruits are not removed from the plants after drying. What is seen is generally a piece of harvest, that is, the peanuts are first turned out, and then harvested after drying; the principle of turning out is generally to shovel out and then shake off the soil.

The Method of Peanut harvesting

At present, the peanut harvest on the market is divided into two technical routes: segment harvesting and combined harvesting. The peanut segment harvesting technology route refers to first excavating the peanuts out of the ground with a peanut excavator, laying them on the ground, drying them, and then, The peanut self-propelled pick-up harvester picks up the peanuts that have been dried after being unearthed, and completes the picking, picking and fruit picking, and separating the fruit vines into the box. The peanut joint harvesting technology route refers to the peanut filling. Excavate or extract, separate the soil, picking fruit, cleaning and other operations.

Use of multifunctional peanut potato harvester

At present, there are more segmented harvesting peanuts on the market, and segmented harvesting is also more suitable for the large-scale cultivation of peanuts. The agricultural use tractor with multi-function groundnut carrots harvester is adapted to the needs of the market and has become a popular market. Agricultural use tractor with multi-function groundnut carrots harvester for picking peanut pods from vines and roots. It is based on the segmentation mode of peanut harvesting. It is mainly used for harvesting directly after harvesting or drying after drying. Sexual completion of picking, picking fruit selection, fruit vine separation, respectively into the box, this form of peanut harvesting machine is also the most popular market products. The new AKSHJ-125 multi-functional peanut harvester developed by Aike Machinery is the best-selling model on the market. Now multi-function peanut potato harvester for Sale, Welcome to buy.
With the changes in market demand, many tractor with multi-function peanut harvester manufacturer is now producing this type of peanut harvester. From the market sales, user response, operation results, machine failure rate, after-sales service, Taian Aike Machinery is one of the best, and it performs better and is more popular with users. As a professional manufacturer multi-function peanut potato harvester for sale, we produce equipment that is quality-assured.

Aike Machinery wholesale tractor and multi-purpose potato peanut carrots harvester. The potato harvester has good performance and high efficiency. It is mainly used to harvest underground rootstock crops such as potatoes, garlic, sweet potatoes, carrots, and peanuts. It has the characteristics of high harvesting efficiency, no skin injury, can be harvested, light and no vibration, no grass blocking, fast soil leakage, simple structure, and long service life.

Peanut harvester production process

China tractor with multi-function potato garlic peanut harvester refers to the crop harvesting machine that completes the operations of fruit picking, separating soil, paving, picking, picking fruit and clearing during the peanut harvesting process. Insert the lower hanging wall pin of the implement into the hanging armhole of the hand-held machine, pin the pin lock, and the upper arm of the machine is linked with the central rod of the tractor. The center rod can be rotated to adjust the depth of the implement, and the gearbox is fixed to the tractor. On the output shaft, the implement gearbox and the split gearbox are connected by a crank arm. In actual production, it is necessary to select suitable implements according to the needs of the user and the characteristics of the multi-functional potato harvester, and the peanut excavation and soil removal can be completed at one time.

Tractor with multi-function peanut harvester manufacturer Aike has exported equipment to the United States, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and other countries, and won the praise of customers. Due to different production batches and specific models, customers who want to have a detailed understanding can log in to our official website to view or contact our customer service, they will give you detailed answers. Now Aike wholesale tractor and multi-purpose potato peanut carrots harvester are welcome to consult.

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