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Daily maintenance of Potato Seeder

Single row and double row potato planter require daily attention to the transmission chain of the equipment. The drive sprocket shaft hole of the seed meter, the bearing of the ground wheel, the coil hub bearing, and the drive shaft. Lubricate according to the lubricant specified in the instructions and the specified time. After using the equipment for a period of time, it is necessary to check whether all the bolts are loose and adjust the tension. Keep the chain of equipment properly tight, remove dirt from the chain and lubricate it. Inspect aging and damaged parts and repair and replace them in a timely manner. The entire equipment can use painting cover, which can effectively prevent metal corrosion.

After the use of single row and double row potato planter, it is necessary to completely remove the seeds and fertilizers left in the equipment. The remaining seeds in the seed box will germinate and mildew when they are wet. And even block the seed metering device.
It will consolidate on the top of the fertilizer discharger so that the equipment can not use normally. The fertilizer has certain corrosiveness to the metal fertilizer tank. Try to put the equipment indoors. If it has to place outdoors, it needs to cover with tarpaulin.

Advantages of Double row potato planter

1. This type of machine body is lightweight. A stable center of gravity, a wide range of uses, and a very powerful function.

2. Set separately two forward gear positions, the efficiency is relatively high, and the operation versatility is strong.

3. Potato seeder has strong adaptability and is suitable for use in various terrains on flat, slope, mountain or greenhouse.

4. The armrest of the device can be rotated 360 degrees. And its height can adjust according to the user requirements.

5. Potato planter is a gasoline or diesel air-cooled engine, which is relatively easy to start. And the horsepower is relatively high and fuel-efficient.

6. The width of the ditch can adjust freely, about 11 to 40 cm, and the depth can reach 36 cm.

7. The gearbox has a 5 cm protective splint to improve the durability of the body.

8. The machine can adjust the wheelbase and the width of the tool according to the actual use, no special tools are needed.

9. Double row potato planter made in China, equipment performance and quality is very good.

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