Agricultural use Tractor With Multi-function Groundnut Carrots Harvester with Working efficiency: 4-11 mu/hour


The harvest of potato, peanut and carrot was a time-consuming and laborious task. With the development of technology, the emergence of the tractor and multi-purpose potato peanut carrots harvester made this work easier. Aike Machinery develope AKSHJ-125 agricultural use tractor with multi-function groundnut carrots harvester working efficiency: 4-11 mu/hour, more efficient harvesting.

AKSHJ-125 agricultural use tractor with multi-function groundnut carrots harvester can use with small and medium tractors to complete the work of assisting, breaking, shaking, separating and tidying. Reasonable structure, sturdy and durable, easy to operate, reliable performance. High efficiency, low power consumption, convenient maintenance, flexible use in the field, less loss, easy to grab.

Use of multifunctional peanut harvesters

AKSHJ-125 multi-function potato garlic peanut harvester is a multi-function three-speed model with both rear power output and side power output. The overall structure is sturdy and durable, resistant to external impact. And the body is not easily deformed, ensuring the work of clamping the chain. Normal; adapt to sand land, black land, clay land, weeds, and small gravel plots, etc.. Can use on flat or ridge planting. The whole machine drive sprocket adopts the double bearing design. With oil hole in the middle, select high-quality bearings, and oil seals. Do a good job of dustproof and waterproof treatment of bearings, improve the stability of bearing work and ensure the durability of bearings in rainy weather and sediment environment. Which are 5-10 times of the life of ordinary single bearing models. Reduce maintenance costs.

AKSHJ-125 agricultural use tractor with multi-function groundnut carrots harvester series has 3 models. Which are suitable for power drag within 25-100 horsepower. It has strong adaptability, neat and beautiful layout, easy to dry peanuts, etc. Features. Adapted to black land, clay land, weedy plots, one ridge and two rows of peanut planting mode. High economic efficiency, 5-8 acres of harvesting power can be diversified every hour. And the medium and small tractors can use together. The whole machine steel plate is formed by german laser cutting. All parts of the whole machine adopt standardized production and assembly process to ensure 100% pass rate of each machine. Accurate positioning, solid overall structure, resistance to external impact, the body is not easy to deform, durable.

Advantage of Multi-functional peanut harvester

Tractor with multi-function peanut harvester manufacturer Aike Machinery produces the 2019 peanut harvester is an improved model for the previous equipment. It is suitable for collecting flowers, with low breakage rate, one-time harvesting and fruit picking, and high efficiency.
The planting area of ​​peanuts in China is very large. The previous harvesting work relies on labor, high labor intensity, and low efficiency. A normal labor force can be harvested for 0.5 hours per day and can be harvested every hour with the aid of peanut harvesting machinery. 2.5 acres of peanut land. The AKSHJ-125 peanut harvester has good performance, can adapt to the requirements of various peanut planting agronomy and production characteristics, and has good adaptability to various soils. It is easy to walk with the track, easy to operate, reasonable structure, good reliability, and high working efficiency. The advantages have always been favored by the majority of farmers.

The main features of the multifunctional peanut harvester

1. Increase the fruit bin and keep working longer;
2. Increase the transmission of the rolling sieve, the fruit collection is more uniform;
3. Adjust the working track, and the suitable planting mode is wider;
4. Lengthen and widen the vibrating screen, and the cleaning effect is better;
5. Optimize the transmission system, no faults, longer working time, longer fruit picking roller, clearer fruit picking, optimized fan, adjustable fan port direction, more suitable flower growth potential.

AKSHJ-125 peanut harvester is a joint machine specially used for peanut harvesting. It integrates abutment, excavation, plucking, clamping and conveying, shaking soil, picking fruit, yaw screening, fan cleaning, roller chain cleaning, collect and other functions in one. In the whole peanut harvesting process, it has the advantages of smooth operation. High efficiency, and less leakage in the ground. Now I love the multi-function peanut potato harvester for Sale, welcome users who need it to buy.

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