Agricultural use Tractor Mounted Rice/Wheat Seeder


6-18 rows wheat/rice/grass seed sowing equipment is a wildly used agricultural use tractor mounted rice/wheat seeder in agricultural production. This product has a high-precision seeder with the precision of one hole, one grain and more. The granules (depending on the needs), the plant spacing/depth can adjust according to demand. Equipment features; simple, ditching, sowing, covering soil, suppression once complete. Can sow: various crops such as wheat/rice/grass/soybeans and grass seeds.

The 3 Point hitch wheat/rice/grass seed planting machine can sow in 2-4 rows when using it, and the row spacing can adjust. Line spacing range: 7-38cm, plant spacing range 2-51cm, single-person rotary arable land can directly sow by hand, non-rotating arable land requires 1-2 people to pull. The low-cost tractor mounted rice/wheat seeder is easy to operate and can use with tractors. It can operate by one person, saving a lot of manpower.

Working principle of Wheat/Rice/Grass seed Planting Machine

The low-cost tractor mounted rice/wheat seeder adopts the seed control system to precisely control the quantity of the next seed. When planting, the amount of the seed is relatively regular, and the relatively regular seed is discharged into the soil layer with the better emergency environment. The seedling planting distance is naturally reasonable, and the laboring efficiency is more than 15 times that of artificial sowing. The saving of seedlings per acre is 4-5 days. Large-scale planting per mu saves labor costs of 400-500 yuan. And because of the emergence of a single plant, the yield per acre increase by 10-20%. It integrates “saving time, labor saving, protecting, reducing fertilizer, saving water, high quality and increasing production”. It is the world’s most advanced seeding machine with the best seed quality of grains, vegetables, and other small seeds.

Seeding preparation video

The high-quality tractor mounted rice/wheat seeder is suitable for sowing wheat in a variety of terrains, separating seed boxes and fertilizer boxes, increasing the number of seeds and fertilizers added. The new fertilizer hopper is made of mirror-finished stainless steel, which is durable and beautiful.

The use of  Tractor Mounted Rice/Wheat Seeder

The machine can complete the processes of leveling, trenching, sowing, fertilizing, repressing, covering soil, and mulling. The 3 Point hitch wheat/rice/grass seed planting machine has wide adaptability: it can sow wheat, corn, soybean, and other crops, and is suitable for sowing operations in the plain areas. The new generation of disc opener produces by the advanced technology of manganese steel quenching. It has high hardness, high strength, good sailing performance, and has a scraping device, which can work well in clay.

The 6-18 rows wheat/rice/grass seed sowing equipment produced by our factory is a high-quality tractor mounted rice/wheat seeder commonly used on the market. It is not only sold well in China but is also exported to the United States. Singapore, India, Malaysia, and other countries, also have been well received by users at home and abroad. Welcome everyone to come and buy.

Specification Of Low-Cost Tractor Mounted Rice/Wheat Seeder

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