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Introduce For Agricultural Machine Riding Tractor Drives Transplanter

The patent technology of the utility model discloses a double-riding rice seedling high-speed transplanting machine. Which comprises a body, a front wheel and a rear-wheel supporting the walking body, a main driver’s seat, a passenger’s seat, and a driving device, and the rear end of the body. There are storage racks on both sides of the front passenger seat, and a transplanting device is arranged between the main and the passenger’s seat. The seedling conveying device is arranged above the transplanting device, and the frame at the rear end of the body is arranged. A lifting device for lifting the rear wheel when the inner rear wheel is used as a pivot point is provided.

The patented technology of the utility model is a six-row rice planting machine operated by two people. It is suitable for a leafage of 3.0 leaves to 5.5 leaves, a seedling height of 120 mm to 250 mm. Moisture content of alumina of 35% to 55%, and a disk surface without roots and holes. The seedlings with a rate of less than 2% can automatically insert the seedlings into the farmland when the mud is flat, the depth of the mud is not more than 300mm, and the water depth is 10mm~40mm. The insertion depth is satisfactory, and the survival rate of the seedlings is high, and low cost. High-efficiency sports seedling transplanting machinery. Mainly used for tomato, yellow tobacco, eggplant, tomato, cabbage, beet, lettuce, kohlrabi, olive, cotton, pepper, stevia, beet, grape, cantaloupe, cauliflower, lettuce, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cucumber, tobacco. Transplanting of tobacco, tobacco, taro, melon seedling, sunflower seedling, peony, salvia, chrysanthemum, medicinal herbs, potatoes, melon, strawberry, pasture, and corn, can transplant before and after filming. Planting, with reliable performance, advanced technology, high efficiency, long life, easy operation, and maintenance, more valuable is the follow-up maintenance is very small, energy consumption costs are low. Greatly reducing the user’s use of the cost and other significant features is currently the domestic advanced technology, Reliable utility model transplanting machinery.

Technology Introduction

At present, the single-handed rice transplanter commonly used in the field transplanting operation. The seedlings planted in the grid-like box are stacked on the preparation box of the rice transplanter, and the rice transplanter needs to feed the seedlings at the appropriate time while walking. The box is loaded, but when an operator is loaded with seedlings, the seedlings must be loaded onto the chassis of the driver’s seat to the seedling box. It is necessary to repeat the above operations several times to fill the seedling box. In this case, because of the height difference between the chassis of the driver’s seat and the field. It is not only labor-intensive but also takes a lot of time for the loading operator.

In addition, in the case of two people working together, one person is on the chassis of the driver’s seat, and the other person transmits the seedlings on the field. Although the labor and time spent in the operation are reduced, there is a problem that the habit must use and grasp. On the one hand, attention should be paid to the efficiency of the transplanting operation. When the seedlings are used up during the transplanting operation, the operation must be interrupted and returned to the field to take the seedlings. The above loading operations, including return time and loading, are also required. The time required and the extended working time become the main reason for the efficiency of the work. Especially in the vast field transplanting operation, it takes time to return to the field. Therefore, it is desirable to load the seedlings as much as possible at one time to reduce the number of seedlings loading.

At the same time, the transplanting box is important in the transplanting machine. The role must check, debugged and maintained on a regular basis. However, in the case of the transplanter, since the preparation box is located above the cassette. It is difficult to perform maintenance during the maintenance due to the interference of the preparation box. And is sometimes necessary to remove the storage box according to the maintenance parts, and also in the case of rapid maintenance. Some obstacles arise. At the same time, the position of the seedlings of the two rows of seedlings is set at the rear between the four rear wheels, so that the rear wheels do not step on the already planted seedlings. However, when the rear wheel on the inner wheel side is used as a fulcrum, the rear wheel will overload the soil, causing the soil to form voids or mounds and destroy the soil.

Maintenance and maintenance of seedling transplanting machine

1. The operation state of the transplanting machine should be observed at any time during the operation, and the lubrication of the rotating part should be good. Found problems in time for oiling or parking maintenance.
2. After the end of each day’s work, it is necessary to check whether the bolts in each part are loose or not, and find that the abnormalities are corrected in time.
3. The soil on the jaw plate should be cleaned in time to avoid affecting the quality of transplanting.
4. When used for long-term parking, it should be coated with anti-rust.

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