Advantages of rice polishing machine and whitening machine


The rice polishing machine and whitening machine is the process that helps in the removal of hulls and bran`s from paddy grain to produce polished rice. It is featured by the best appearance, imported spare parts, built-in motor, and the best performance. It is the most ideal paddy processing machine for grain distribution stations, and farms as well as self-employees.

Features of rice polishing machine and whitening machine

1. This Small Combined Rice Processing Milling Machine includes TQLQ50a Suction Stoning Machine, Husker, Gravity Paddy Separator, Jet-air Emery Roll Rice Mill, and broken rice grader, etc.
2. Rice polishing machine and whitening machine can clean, de-stone, hull, paddy separate, whiten( polish), grade all in one. The output is 1000-1200 kg of rice per hour.
a. The main advantage of this new machine is that it occupies a small space for easy installation with good performance, making rice whiter with less broken rice.
b. Compact structure, easy operation, high rice precision; It’s an ideal machine for a small investment with a good finish product.
c. The working video and details manual will be available.
d. Easy to add some follow-up equipment
e. Better cleaning effect
It is a new type of the whole set combined rice mill for processing rice in farmlands, towns, grain shop, and specialized households, and it can improve the milling precision of rice according to the demands of users by adding some follow-up equipment, like a polisher, color sorter and rice packing machine.

Advantages of rice polishing machine and whitening machine

Use safely, operate and install easily, Low noise, small footprint
1.High-pressure air spray of water
Rice polishing machine and whitening machine under the action of high-pressure water mist into the polishing chamber, making the rice’s surfaces smooth and stable. Through controlling and adjusting the humidified atmosphere, to improve and resolve damages and uneven of the rice, be sure to produce the rice with a shiny, smooth, and dust-free finish.

2.Water Automatic Controlling Device
To avoid shutting down during to too much water and feedings, the machine is equipped with an automatic water controlling device, non-feedings or too much feeding, the pump will automatically shut down. When the volume reaches a certain point then the pump will open automatically.

3.Reasonable suction system
The operation of this equipment is directly in front of the panel, on/off the water, the ammeter is clear, to avoid losses caused by the operational errors.
The equipment is designed for quick removal and installation of the screen frame, make time shorten for replacing sieves, and 4 sieves are alternate. To shorten the time of changing screen, cleaning, maintenance, improving working efficiency.

4.High Strength And Durable Mirror Roller
Polishing roller, bushing, screw conveyor, and sieve, are all made of stainless steel to extend for use. You can get the uniform and excellent white rice appearance out from the polisher, most importantly, you can have the highest level of the rice.

5. The compact structure makes this machine one of the best choices for small rice mill factories.

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