Advantages of Medium dry and wet peanut picking machine


Advantages of the peanut picking machine

Medium dry and wet peanut picking machine 500/400 is a new type of crop harvesting machine. It is an integrated modern mechanical equipment that integrates the harvesting, screening, and sorting of peanuts to meet the high-efficiency requirements of modern people. Since the development and finalization of our company’s dry and wet peanut picking machine, this product has achieved a new standard of similar products with an optimized structure. The advantage of this product is that the transmission mode is simple, the processing technology is excellent, the design concept is novel and advanced, and it has won the praise of the majority of users.

The advantages of this product are very obvious and very obvious. It can be used for both wet and dry. It saves a lot of troubles for changing the peanuts of different humidity. No matter how the humidity is, it will not cause the phenomenon of downtime, and the work efficiency will be improved a lot. And the harvest is very clean, and there is no grass in the fruit, no fruit in the grass, no rotten fruit, good effect of soil separation.
High-quality diesel engine the mounted peanut picker also has a unique design that is longer in the long pole exit, longer in the grass, and easier to work with.

Problems to be aware of when purchasing a peanut picker

With the development of agriculture, the demand for peanut picker is gradually increasing. Some peanut pickers on the market, whether they are manufacturers or models, are dazzling. What methods can select good quality peanut picker?
The internal structure of the peanut picker with different models is also different. Some are horizontal double drums, some are composed of main pulleys, casings, fan wheels, vibrating screens, etc., often encounter a problem when using peanut pickers. That is, if the peanuts are not dry enough, the same machine cannot use, but buying a variety of machines is not only expensive, but also a great waste of resources when not in use.

Aike Machinery’s electric motor or diesel engine mounted peanut picker 400 after long-term research and development and testing by our R&D personnel, we can truly achieve a different degree of picking effect.
One point of the price is worth the price. When you buy, you must not only be cheap, you must go to a regular manufacturer to purchase. Ensure that you have a complete quality assurance certificate and another perfect after-sales service, and stop buying a refurbished peanut picker.
Regarding the phenomenon of refurbishment, it must be carefully observed, including the entire appearance and parts. If it is after the painting, the traces of the peanut picker will be more obvious, you must polish your eyes.

Aike Machinery is a professional medium dry and wet peanut picking machine exporter. The peanut picking machine equipment produced by our company is developed and produced by our technicians. The equipment has good performance and reliable quality. Welcome everyone to visit the test machine.

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